Tools To Manage Instagram More Easily

Instagram consolidates itself as one of the social networks with the highest growth in number of members and intensity of use.

Not only that: Instagram is also the social network that provides the highest share of interactions, engagement and efficiency to many brands.

Everything indicates that Instagram is the social network with the greatest impulse (with permission from Facebook and WhatsApp), but in order to manage it properly, it is advisable to use tools that facilitate this work.

  1. Metricool.
  2. Hootsuite.
  3. Buffer.
  4. Canva.
  5. Linktree.
  6. Instagram mobile from web.
  7. Repost for Instagram.
  8. Chrome IG Story.
  9. CoolTabs.
  10. EasyPromos.
  11. Icon.
  12. Heepsy.

1. Metricool

Very complete tool for management and analysis of social networks. In the case of Instagram it provides you, with the free version, with extensive information about your community, the impact of publications and the result of each content.

You can analyse the evolution of your community, obtain statistical data on its sex, age and geographical location; extract graphs on the volume of impressions, scope, visits to the profile and clicks on the web; analyse the evolution of engagement, interactions and scope of publications and Instagram stories.

And you can download specific statistics on the impact of each publication and history and the effectiveness of the hashtags you have used the most.

In addition, with the free version you can analyze up to five Instagram accounts of your competitors, check which is the best time to publish in your Instagram account and schedule up to 50 contents (without direct publication). With the premium version you will also be able to create personalized links for your bio with links to your Instagram publications, and with customized plans you will have the option of monitoring hashtags in Instagram.

2. Hootsuite

Tools To Manage Instagram More Easily

Also for management and analysis of Instagram, Metricool differs, among other things, in that in company profiles allows to schedule publications and videos in Instagram with direct and automatic publication, that is, without needing to expressly authorize once the scheduled time of publication has arrived.

With the free version programs up to 30 contents, you track the comments and interactions generated by each publication and active up to 30 searches of hashtags to review content with these tags.

With the payment plans you will get metrics of performance, impact, analysis of publications, and so on.

3. Buffer

Like Hootsuite, its main attraction is the possibility of programming in Instagram with direct and automatic publication, in the case of company profiles. With the free version programs up to 10 contents, with payment plans you have access to impact statistics and scope, with the option of re-buffer (republication) of the contents that have achieved better results.

4. Canva

To design graphic content for Instagram, with the right measures from templates: an ideal alternative for creating publications and stories without resorting to more complex design programs.

It includes a variety of typographies, elements, colours, frames, backgrounds, icons… and also predetermined designs if you lack inspiration. It’s free.

5. Linktree

Tools To Manage Instagram More Easily

A free option to make the most of the biography link, the only clickable link in Instagram, since the links of the descriptions of the publications are not activated and in the stories you can only include links if the profile has more than 10,000 followers.

With Linktree you will create a mini-landing page in which to include, from the biography link, as many links as you wish. That way, it won’t be necessary to change the biography link every time you add the typical phrase “link in the bio” in the description of the publication.

6. Instagram mobile from web

In reality, it is not a tool itself, but a trick to manage and publish to Instagram from the computer, without the application.

The web version of Instagram does not allow uploading content, so in theory it is not possible to publish images or videos from the computer, only from the mobile device, which can make account management difficult.

In practice, if you access Instagram with your browser and activate the mobile version, you will be able to upload photos in jpg format from PC or Mac, apply editing filters, write the description and publish the content, without any problem and without installing any external application. To do this, open the Instagram account in your browser and click the second mouse button to “Inspect Item”.

Then activate the mobile version with the Ctrl-Shift-M commands or by clicking on the mobile icon. Refresh or update your browser and you will see on the screen the option to upload photos.

7. Repost for Instagram

Instagram does not allow you to republish content (neither photos nor videos) from another profile (although you can share them in the stories). To republish or “repost” third-party content, use apps such as Repost for Instagram, which also includes the credit of the user who initially published that photo or video. Valid for iOS and Android.

8. Chrome IG Story

Google Chrome extension to view Instagram Stories and live broadcasts on this social network from your computer. The visualizations are anonymized, that is to say, it does not register who saw them.

9. CoolTabs

To create and manage raffles and contests in Instagram. In the case of sweepstakes, participation requirements range from leaving a comment or mentioning someone in the publication in which the sweepstakes is announced, or adding a certain hashtag in content that users publish, related to the sweepstakes.

CoolTabs generates lists of participants, randomly selects the winner, creates a winners page and grants a certificate of validity to the sweepstakes, to guarantee its transparency.

For the contests, they configure landing pages, create participation forms to capture databases and generate a public gallery in which they make the votes, among other tools. It offers a free trial.

10. EasyPromos

Another option to create and manage draws and contests in Instagram.

In the draw, the application allows you to choose winners among users who have commented on one or more publications of the brand profile, with the option of filtering according to the minimum number of mentions defined in the draw.

Unlike CoolTabs, it does not include the possibility of carrying out the draw between users who have published photos or videos with a specific hashtag.

It randomly selects winners and supplements and also generates a winner page and a certificate of validity. The first draw is always free.

11. Icon

Tools To Manage Instagram More Easily

Shows community growth in Instagram’s company profile, location and geographic data; measures impressions, reach and engagement of publications; indicates when followers are connected to optimize impact.

It also makes it easier to search by hashtags, track mentions and schedule publications.

It offers free trials of these services and a free tool for auditing an Instagram account.

12. Heepsy

To search for influencers (alas, those influencers!) in Instagram, by specific themes or names.

With the free version, the tool gives you the engagement rate of the account, number of followers and posts published.

The payment options add filters by geographical location and number of followers and include analysis reports, estimated cost and account quality.

And what tools do you use to streamline Instagram management?