All The Information About The New Instagram Algorithm [2019]

It’s a fact that recently we’ve noticed that the photographs have less likes and comments, since they can be of poorer quality or less intriguing for fans. All The Information About The New Instagram Algorithm [2019]

All The Information About The New Instagram Algorithm [2019]

It occurs because there’s a brand new Instagram algorithm. The plan is a set of principles which are revived with the upgrades of the application which are inclined to wind up paying users to market so that their photographs don’t fall into oblivion one of the countless images which are uploaded daily to this social media.

There’s not any ideal way to knock the Instagram algorithm, however there are a number of tricks to prevent the lowering of visibility.

  1. Faster reaction capacity in Instagram
  2. Instagram Comments with more words
  3. Less hashtags and in the photo caption, not in the comments
  4. Penalization for changes
  5. Regularity in publishing
  6. Post in the best hours of Instagram
  7. Less is more
  8. Instagram stories
  9. Don’t buy followers unless you know how to do it.
  10. In the end, quality is the queen

1. Faster responsiveness in Instagram

In the past, the time it took a user to respond to the comments of their followers was not crucial to the visibility of their photos; now, the visibility of a photo depends, in large part, on that.

According to Charlie Marin, social networking expert at Blasting News, “if we don’t respond within 60 minutes, our photo may be buried under a sea of photos and our followers may never see it.

2. Instagram’s comments with more words

Short comments such as “Wow,” “Pretty,” or “Great!” are no longer reflected in the interaction activity of the publications.

Now, with the new Instagram algorithm, comments must have at least four words to be considered activity.

Of course, that’s not up to us, it’s up to our followers. Perhaps a trick is to ask a question in our publication that will lead to a longer answer.

3. Less hashtags and in the photo caption, not in the comments

Putting a lot of hashtags now penalizes. In Instagram, historically, the maximum was 30 hashtags per post.

It is now recommended to use a maximum of five. Furthermore, as Marín explains, it is not enough to put them in  the comments, but they must be written in the same caption or they will not appear in the search results.

Important: that the hashtags are related to the subject matter of our account and to our target audience; too generic ones will cause our photos to be buried again among millions of other photos.

4. Penalty for changes

If we delete a photo and then republish it or edit the caption before the first 24 hours, Instagram will also penalize the visibility of our publications.

A trick not to make a mistake when publishing the caption in the text editing application of our smartphone and, once corrected, we only have to copy and paste in the caption of Instagram.

5. Regularity in publishing

If we go a month without uploading a photo, the Instagram algorithm will penalize us. It’s better to be constant and publish less than to publish a lot at once for a month and then stop.

6. Post at the best times of Instagram

All The Information About The New Instagram Algorithm [2019]

Social networks, like television, also have their peak hours. If the algorithm rewards user interaction, you have to take into account what times our publications get the most I like quickly.

Thanks to Instagram statistics, we can now know the hours of greatest success of our publications.

Hours of greatest activity in Instagram

A survey has spoken for itself and the times when users are most active by order of response are:

  • First of 21h and 23h.
  • In second place 17h and 20h
  • In third position from 08.00h to 12.00h

7. Less is more

Publishing several times a day can overwhelm followers if the content isn’t of high quality or doesn’t interest them.

And even if it’s quality, watch out. Nobody likes to be bombarded with TV or YouTube ads, right?

Even if it’s not ads, it can have the same rejection effect. Better to upload one photo per day or every other day than three on the same day. It depends on the strategy of your social profile.

8. Instagram stories

They serve to generate more spontaneous and immediate content, something that followers tend to value positively while attracting new followers. In our clients we already use them to increase visibility.

9. Don’t buy followers unless you know how to do it.

All The Information About The New Instagram Algorithm [2019]

If what we’re looking for is interaction with the followers to beat the algorithm, the fake followers aren’t going to give us those likes and comments we need.

So, let’s forget about that practice that, sooner or later, will come to light.

10. In the end, quality is the queen

Above all we can do to try to circumvent the effects of the Instagram algorithm is, of course, the quality of the content.

Although we try to publish at the best times and put the best hashtags, if our photos are not sharp, visual, aesthetic or interesting for our target audience and our texts say nothing, in all likelihood our account will be hidden in the limbo of Instagram for centuries to come.