Social Media That Will Reign In 2020 (Part I)

Once the big universal social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram…) have settled among Internet users, it is now the turn of a new generation of specialized networks.

Social Media That Will Reign In 2020 (Part I)

One of the best known is Twitch, which in a short time has seduced a segment of great interest: the gamers. What is Twitch? Why has it triumphed? What advertising possibilities does it hold for brands? Let’s answer all these questions.

  1. Twitch, the gamers’ favorite social network.
  2. Spectacular results.
  3. Possibilities for marketing.
  4. Twitch offers brands various possibilities.

1. Twitch, the gamers’ favorite social network

Twitch is a streaming platform that allows live video games to be broadcast.

It was born on August 8, 2007, as one of the content sections of, a generalist streaming platform.

It was so successful and grew so fast that the site finished, in September 2014, being acquired by Amazon.

What do gamers who visit Twitch find? Basically, there is a great variety of content related to the world of video games, especially live broadcasts and playthroughs of user-generated games, eSports broadcasts, personal streams of individual players and shows that talk about content related to games.

Content can be viewed live or on demand, either on a computer or through a mobile application on the iOS and Android operating systems.

The mobile version offers a navigation option for the most popular streamers.

Users can browse game titles or popular games. The application also allows users to follow their favorite channels.

2. Spectacular results

Social Media That Will Reign In 2020 (Part I)

The truth is that Twitch continues at an unstoppable pace and every day that passes gains new followers.

In fact, it closed 2018 with record numbers in its still short history. The general audience increased in relation to 2017, reaching more than 434,000 million minutes of content seen by the public.

More information: It managed to gather more than one million simultaneous people in average on the portal.

As for the number of creators of live content, has not stopped growing and has seen born more than 3 million streamers per month.

In addition, more than 248,000 new affiliates and more than 7,800 partners were added in total.

3. Possibilities for marketing

The great success obtained by Twitch means that the platform is being used by many brands for their advertising and communication actions.

Above all, those related to the world of video games, entertainment and products related to young audiences.

Twitch offers companies or institutions that want to impact the target of gamers various marketing possibilities.

On the one hand, there are the advertising appearances in different formats and, on the other hand, the sponsorship of events.

In the middle of last October, Amazon’s video platform began to commercialize different advertising formats, always according to the tastes and aesthetics of the gamers public.

They can be static creativities, incorporated in the contents of the videos or in the live broadcasts. You can see all the possibilities here.

On the other hand, the social network also takes advantage of the high prescription power it has among this target to organize events aimed at gamers.

4. Twitch offers brands various possibilities to intervene in them, such as the following:

Physical presence: Sponsorship opportunities include exhibition stands, kiosks, game rooms, brand parties.

Event Broadcasting Partner: Brands can improve their presence and content at events by broadcasting live content on Twitch.

Content Programming: The platform features official event programming that offers opportunities for customized segments and programming that highlights your brand in an authentic way.

Without a doubt, we wish a good future to this social network whose evolution is unstoppable. In 2020 we will talk about…