An App To Broadcast Live On YouTube, Instagram And Twitch At The Same Time

If we want to broadcast a live we must first decide the platform on which we want to do it.

We can stream what we see on our screen while we play or do a tutorial, or what we capture with our camera, either the back or the selfie, but we are limited to one live per platform, there seems to be no way to do it in more than one at the same time.

That’s what they want to solve with Deliverer, an iPhone application that allows you to broadcast live video on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch at the same time, with the option even to broadcast on another own server that we can have available.

That’s right, although we already have predefined the platforms Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, we can configure an RTMP/RTSP server to start sending the material easily.


The system is free, you just need permission to access our accounts to make the broadcast.

They do not save our content, since they even say they do not have servers, everything is done locally, thus maintaining maximum privacy.

The advantages are enormous, since the emission of direct are key to attract the attention of our community, and if we have the possibility of interacting with all of them at the same time, we will avoid showing preference for a specific platform.

Deliverer has been created by appsemble, a team of mobile application developers who, at the moment, have no plans to launch it on android.

Even so, it is important to remember that we can always use, a platform that allows us to upload a video, set a date, and then let the video be transmitted as if it were a live, although of course … it would not really be a live.