YouTube or Twitch?

In recent years, with the introduction of image transmission over the Internet simplified tools, streaming gameplays became a common practice on the network.

  1. Twitch: Advantages and Disadvantages.
  2. YouTube: Advantages and Disadvantages.
  3. The Decision is All Yours.

If you want to start enjoying this wave, the time has come to find out which platform is best for transmitting your bets: YouTube or Twitch.

1. Twitch: Advantages and Disadvantages

YouTube or Twitch

One of the sites with the highest data traffic on the Internet is Twitch, born from another, Justin.Tv’s streaming service, born focused on the transmission of gameplays on the network.

The website itself suggests several applications that help to achieve the streams and are ready for easy installation and start of transmission.

With the launch of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, a partnership was established between the companies for an integration between Twitch PS4 and Xbox one was made.

In this way, with only one button, you can make the transmission of your game to your account in the service.

This mechanism allows anyone, even those who do not have the necessary knowledge to prepare a streaming on their computer, to make the transmission on the Internet.

If you want to transfer the previous consoles, such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you will need to have a video capture card to connect to the video games on a PC and only then send the video to the site.

Another advantage of ICT is the strong sense of community on the site. Every day, you can find players who are also looking for specific games.

This feature allows more people to reach your transmission based only on the game you are transmitting.

In theory, this could help players to create an audience and be able to capitalize on their streams.

The problem with Twitch is that if you concentrate on your efforts only on it, they will hardly show up on the site, unless you are an already known streamer.

This ends up making you just another one among thousands of other players. Another problematic element of Twitch is the fact of not having a good storage scheme of transmissions made on the site.

After your broadcast, you can save a few minutes of your game and edit them through an editor’s website.

The problem is that this system is not as reliable, there is no guarantee that your game will actually be stored, by a simple user error or the site itself.

2. YouTube: Advantages and Disadvantages

YouTube or Twitch

YouTube is the largest video site on the Internet, YouTube launched a few years ago the possibility for its users to make live transmissions.

These transmissions, after being completed, are stored on the site.

For the use of gameplays, unlike ICT, it is necessary to use applications to configure the transmissions.

Another element that, until now, does not exist, is the integration of streams with consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To transmit the game from any console, current or previous generation, you must have a video capture card and software with the note or XSplit to send the data to the site.

It has the advantage of YouTube in Google tools monetize your gameplays and the ease of a large number of people who follow your videos, perhaps by custom with the site.

Recently, Google announced that it should soon invest more in tools, formats and other facilities so that more and more people realize streaming games through YouTube.

At the moment, no one knows for sure exactly what these functions are, but it is possible to believe that YouTube will be filled with any hole left by Twitch and become the largest streaming games platform on the internet.

3. The Decision is All Yours

In the end, the decision on which platform is ideal will be just what you’re going to do.

Twitch is known as home to several players who became famous by broadcasting their gameplays online.

On the other hand, YouTube is the largest video site on the net and that, despite still crawling on the issue of live transmissions, soon intends to invest heavily in gameplays.

At the same time, several people use the TIC as a live platform, while using YouTube to show their best moments or edit videos.

It is valid to try the sites and checks that one brings more benefits to your broadcasting style.