If You Want Your Content To Go Viral, Follow These Tips

The success of a viral marketing campaign depends on the creativity of the content, its ability to attract people and get them to identify, interact, respond, react and share.

If You Want Your Content To Go Viral, Follow These Tips

What makes content viral on social networks or digital platforms? It sounds easy, but according to online marketing and digital advertising company Cyberclick, less than one percent of brands make their content viral.

Viral marketing involves the development and creation of attractive content for the audience, very similar to branded content. However, the first seeks to reach massively the internet users, while the second is aimed at a more relevant audience with the theme of the story.

In addition, in this type of marketing, the form of transmission of the content is similar to that of a virus when it spreads uncontrollably between individuals.

This is one of the main advantages -and major challenges-, since it is individual people who have control of the transmission of the message through their channels, with their interactions, likes and visualizations.

If we analyze several successful viral marketing campaigns such as the campaign “KLM Surprise“, in which the Dutch airline decided to deliver surprises to its customers to make more pleasant the wait at the airport terminal. The gifts were chosen based on their tastes in their social network profile.

Another story that became viral on YouTube was Carlsberg’s “Cinema Bikers”, with which the beer brand wanted to convey the value of not judging people by their appearance.

To do so, they filled a movie theater with rude motorcyclists and left two places free for several couples who had to decide whether or not to sit in their seats. If they sat down, everyone received a bottle of beer to enjoy and relax while watching the movie.

If we look at these and other examples, we realize that they have some common elements that contributed to their outreach and engagement. In their blog, Textmetrics, a digital content measurement and optimization company, lists the elements that can lead your campaign to success and achieve the much desired ‘viralization’.


First of all, people are the key to success. Followers and fans need to connect with the story and message of the campaign. That’s why it’s essential to know our audience well.

In addition, in the examples mentioned, the brand offers rewards and courtesies, which can strengthen loyalty, can be with a smile, a gift or a courtesy through customer service.

The campaigns that have the greatest penetration and impact are those in which feelings such as joy, humor or positivism play a predominant role.

The material we develop for our story must have the following elements: the content of the story must be relevant and perfectly in tune with the values of the brand.

In addition, it has been proven that audiovisual contents generate greater interaction and are more shared in social networks. Especially videos, images, info-graphics and listings.

Creative, innovative and disruptive contents

If You Want Your Content To Go Viral, Follow These Tips

Another element highlighted by digitalization experts is not to focus only on measurable results and give relevance to the search for creative, innovative and disruptive contents that are capable of attracting people and making them identify, interact, respond, react and share through their personal channels.

While specialists also agree that the success of a campaign depends in part on chance, there are measurable data on the factors that contribute to the mass reach objective. Social media analysis company BuzzSumo published a list of interesting findings after analyzing 100 million articles.

In their analysis they conclude that the textual contents of longer social networks are precisely the most shared.

In addition, they recommend that blog articles be accompanied by images, as they will have almost three times more chances of being shared.


Other elements that multiply the viralization capacity, is to include thumbnails with image, title and description in the posts of networks like Facebook or Twitter. Also to offer risky and original contents that transmit positive feelings; as well as to establish alliances with influencers.

In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy the work and the creative process involved in developing a marketing campaign.

When there is a motivated, happy and energetic team, it is transmitted in the results and it is when the best reaches are obtained.