Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part I)

Video marketing is one of the most versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tools for promoting a business.

Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part I)

It will be the star and is expected to continue increasing in importance and use by companies in the coming years.

The video boom has arrived: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat…everything revolves around video.

In this post we are going to tell you 15 practical tips to take into account so you can position your videos and thus get more reach, visibility and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

  1. Keywords for videos.
  2. The tags.
  3. Add subtitles to your videos.
  4. Control the length of your videos.
  5. Review playback times.
  6. Comments are valuable.
  7. Get clicks with the preview.
  8. Choose a good title.
  9. Rename the file.
  10. Try to get subscribers.
  11. Share on other social networks.
  12. Linkbuilding strategy.
  13. Playlists.
  14. Seek to appear in other videos.
  15. Improve the quality of your channel.
  16. Conclusion

1. Keywords for videos

Finding the right keywords to position a piece of content is the first step in a correct positioning strategy.

Do not forget this: YouTube is a search engine in which users search for videos that interest them, and these searches are made around keywords or search terms.

In the case of YouTube, many users are looking for content that can entertain them or teach them something new.

For this reason, for example, videos that begin with How… tend to have many more visits than those that directly describe the content.

In this way, if you want to attract traffic to your channel, you should consider publishing some videos that respond to user searches, with titles such as: How or What + Verb

Ex: How to get new subscribers in your YouTube channel

In general this structure works better than if you used a title like “We teach you how to make your subscribers grow on your YouTube channel” or something similar.

Also remember that almost nobody on YouTube is going to do a search like “potato omelette”. They want to see how it’s prepared, so they’ll probably be looking for “How to cook a potato omelette”.

When searching for keywords for the titles of your videos, we recommend that you try the autocomplete offered by the search tab of YouTube, so you can see exactly what users are looking for.

2. The tags

On YouTube it is especially interesting to be able to add tags to the features of the video.

These are highly valued by the platform when classifying and selecting videos for users looking for a theme, which translates into better positioning, visibility and visits.

Google’s algorithm can analyze in great detail the texts of web pages and their characteristics; on the other hand, evaluating a video is not so simple and when it comes to positioning it uses other factors and metrics to determine if the video is related to a specific theme.

That’s why tags are so important. We recommend that you add a good number of tags, but without going too far, 15 would be a good number.

3. Add subtitles to your videos

Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part I)

Many users don’t know that you can add subtitles on YouTube without any problem.

Originally created for the hearing impaired to access videos or to enjoy videos without volume, they have another great advantage: the texts are analyzed by search engines.

Think of the number of keywords you can add to the subtitles and the great advantages they offer you to position yourself.

YouTube not only qualifies as more valuable videos containing subtitles, but you will also be taking advantage of this SEO factor that many other users do not know.

4. Control the length of your videos

There is no specific length that is ideal for what you want to show, but there are recommendations based on the most popular videos.

Remember that for SEO is also important the bounce rate and the time it takes the user to disconnect or find another video that interests them more, so you can not walk the branches and you have to offer interesting information from the first moment.

We recommend that the duration is around 10 minutes. Neither too short nor too long. Although this is a very general rule, so don’t follow it as a rule.

There are much longer videos and also much shorter videos that are perfectly positioned.

You can make a video in which you think about something, or where you give a lesson about a topic, and this video will be more or less short, but if for example you are a gamer you probably want to see how you play for a longer period of time.

In this sense we recommend investigating what your competitors do in the sector in which you move and also what other YouTubers do in the same sector in the U.S., as they are usually a step ahead, and from there draw your own conclusions.

5. Review playback times

Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part I)

Following on from the previous point, YouTube offers the option to view details as to how long users have been in your videos.

It’s very simple, go to your Channel and click on Creator Studio. You will see that in the menu on the left you have the Analytic option and from there you go to Playtime.

This way you can see how much time users spend on your video and most importantly, if they leave soon, when it usually happens.

Needless to say, you have to prevent users from abandoning the video at all costs, both for the visits and for the loss in positioning on YouTube.

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