Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

  • Keywords for videos.
  • The tags.
  • Add subtitles to your videos.
  • Control the length of your videos.
  • Review playback times.

15 Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part II)

6. Comments are valuable

Just like the reviews that are so important for the SEO of a local business, on YouTube your criticism and feedback comes through the comments.

YouTube better positions the content that gets the most effect on the audience and the comments are very valuable to measure the reach you achieve.

Try to encourage participation and feedback, asking questions, throwing questions to the audience from time to time or asking to be valued.

Getting feedback and interaction is critical to positioning your videos.

7. Get clicks with the preview

Previewing is another very important factor in getting clicks and subscribers.

It is similar to what happens with Meta Title and Meta Description in the SERP results.

If the preview of your video is attractive enough, you will be able to stand out from the rest of the videos in the results and you will get more hits and clicks.

There are many users who enter a video only by the preview, without stopping to read the descriptions. Take advantage of that.

8. Choose a good title

The title you choose for your video has to be eye-catching, effective and SEO-friendly.

No more than four words, it is better to lengthen it with a simple structure such as: keyword + complement + brief description. We don’t tell you that it is so spectacular that it looks like spam, but it does have to be efficient to please the users, who read it and want to enter, and also the YouTube algorithm.

The title has to have a balance between being intriguing and containing keywords.

The trick is to get a title that contains keywords (main and secondary) but does not “look” like a title with keywords -something artificial- but sounds natural.

9. Rename the file

15 Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part II)

Remember before uploading any video that you have to rename the file of the video you are sharing, just as you should rename the images you are going to include in your website or online store so that they contain the keywords you want to position.

It’s a change that has a small impact on SEO, but it doesn’t cost two seconds.

Uploading a video with the name MOV545326.mp4 is useless. Replace it with one that has some keywords and describes the content. How-to-install-smart-tv is a perfect and descriptive title, don’t you think?

You should already know that many SEO factors are mere details, but the sum of details leads to great successes.

10. Try to win subscribers

The higher the number of subscribers, the better the positioning of all your videos.

Watch out as always there are exceptions, and if you have won many subscribers but your channel loses quality or the content does not generate engagement will not have served anything.

There are many channels that were old glories in the past and accumulate hundreds of thousands of subscribers, however their current videos only get a few thousand reproductions.

This indicates that the channel needs a change of direction and strategy, and that at some point had to succeed but currently has no good performance or arouses interest.

The subscription is a value of great importance for the platform, more than the comments or the I like or I don’t like that you can click.

If you get subscriptions is that you are really doing a job that matters to users.

To achieve this you have to create interesting, thematic videos that follow a progression. Doing analysis, offering professional advice, solving problems sent to you by users, motivating videos… in short, adding value.

Find your best marketing strategy to attract subscribers. If you have to launch a petition to users, rather than comment or give like, is to subscribe.

11. Share on other social networks

15 Tips To Position Your Videos On YouTube (Part II)

YouTube has the great advantage of being compatible with other social networks to boost your business.

Simply copy the link and the video will play on the platforms without users having to leave them.

It is necessary to share and encourage more people to do it, to try to use social networks to increase their visualization and, why not, to do as viral as possible.

Facebook is the social network where these videos used to work best: the ability to see the description, enjoy the video while browsing the web or comment and remains one of the pages with more visits.

All this means that videos tend to have more reproductions on Facebook than on YouTube.

In the previous paragraph we have talked about how they used to be because recently Facebook is changing its algorithm so that many YouTube videos have little relevance, in order to promote other platforms that do not consider competition.

No more uploading only the link and giving to publish. You have to describe the content and the reason, otherwise it may not appear to your contacts.

Twitter also generates many reproductions, although for the same characteristics of the platform tends to generate greater effect short videos.

Finally, we will also name LinkedIn. This social network has great results when it comes to videos that fit the theme and the audience that is there. If you upload videos focused on professionals, you will have greater engagement than in any other social network.

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