Tips To Improve Your Social Media Content

Today I bring you 6 tips to improve your content in social media. Obviously, there are many more that could be added, but I hope this list will help you in your daily work as a community manager, social media manager or as an influencer.

Tips To Improve Your Social Media Content

Concepts such as strategy, getting to know your Buyer Persona, generating high-impact content or creating multi-format content are some of the tips we will see below:

  1. Content strategy
  2. Design our “Buyer Persona”
  3. The first words, that first impression
  4. Don’t “sell me the bike” every day
  5. Create high-impact content
  6. How to create Multi-format Content
    • You should never forget this!

1. Content strategy

Obviously the strategy is an essential piece. Throwing ourselves into the jungle of social media without an online strategy, no matter how much Community Manager training you have consumed, is like crossing the jungle without a compass.

Thanks to it, we will determine what value to bring to the user, with what content, what period of publications, etc., etc..

I always say it, actively and passively, everything is easier if we know the objective.

Not all types of content and not all networks serve the same purpose or help us achieve any goal or objective.

And as long as you don’t have this point completely clear, you don’t need to keep going because you’ll be wasting your time.

2. Design our “Buyer Persona”

Tips To Improve Your Social Media Content

Another of the 10 tips to improve your social media content would be to design our “Buyer Persona”. By defining it quickly, it is a robot portrait of our ideal client that will allow us to identify among other factors, who he is, how he is, his needs and motivations.

It is important to highlight the difference between Buyer Persona and the target audience. The target is based on defined and generic audiences.

The BP responds to specific needs, so its customization is vital. Generally this action will be done on more than one occasion to define the different types of customers we have.

3. The first words, that first impression

The current user has little time available, and you must have those keywords in mind to capture all their attention.

And if we add that this action benefits our SEO strategy, much better, right?

Obviously, and appealing to common sense, you must use these words in a balanced way to prevent users from ignoring our publications and Google stop loving us.

To avoid this, I recommend the use of SEMrush, Google’s Keyword Planner Tool or Analytics among others.

4. Don’t “sell me the bike” every day

Although it is common in our strategy to include promotional content, you should be aware that you can’t be selling “the bike” all day.

It is essential to focus on providing valuable content for the community. If we don’t, it’s going to be very difficult to achieve the desired ROI.

In the end, you should work towards fulfilling these two basic points:

  • Loving and building customer loyalty with our content and brand image.
  • Drive as much traffic as possible to the web, finalize sale or meet the defined goal.

But most importantly, we must learn to listen, talk and ask users, who know that there is someone behind who cares and not a simple robot. Listen, listen and listen.

If the user thinks or feels that we only want to sell him something, he will soon abandon us.

5. Create high-impact content

Create high impact content, unique and current will allow us to gain positioning, generate conversations, enhancing the interest of the user and gain notoriety.

We can use tools or services such as Google Trends, BuzzSumo, Mention, Feedly, Flipboard, Alerts or Hootsuite,

We should already know that it is essential to have quality content dedicated to your target audience.

To do this, we return to point one to review the strategy and have very clear the objective of each of our publications, the type of image to use and of course the writing of each content.

Later on, we will talk in more detail about this subject. But, for example, direct questions are a resource that continues to work well and motivates the community. What do you think? Do you prefer A or B? We can also alternate it with quotes, ephemeris, motivational phrases and anecdotes.

You must also lose your fear and get closer to the user. Be transparent to our entire community by teaching what the client doesn’t usually see.

Show them everything we have prepared for them when they come to visit us or share an important moment they have not been able to attend.

So yes, we must be very aware that not everything works for the same customers, nor the same content for all social networks. So don’t literally copy everything from your competition, because you copy the content, but you don’t know the rest.

Look for FUN, INNOVATE, CREATE, don’t be afraid, your main objective is TO SURPRISE.

If you always do the same thing, you will never be able to surprise.

That if, always with common sense, that we come up very high and then…

6. How to create Multi format Content

And the last of these 6 tips to improve your social media content is to create and bet on Multi format Content.

If our goal is still to surprise and fall in love, it is essential to exploit all the possibilities that networks allow (texts, photos, videos, audio, etc.).

Evidently, in this section, the experience we have in more or less professional design applications is of prime importance.

If you are “JEDI” you will have no problem unwrapping with tools such as Photoshop and combine them with image banks such as Freepik or Pixabay.

But, if on the contrary, you are a young “Padawan”, surely you will be able to use simple applications such as: Canva, Crello, Picktochart, Headliner, Inkspace, filmmaker or Facebook Live itself.

Everything is important, but working on the image is fundamental. As a general rule, we read little and images can achieve the unthinkable.

Therefore, work with affection on this aspect and if you could that it is content of your own creation with which you can make the user fall in love.

And let’s not forget the star content, VIDEO. Therefore, I recommend that you include content in pill format or more extensive, as well as publications of this type and experiences with Facebook Live.

You should never forget this:

You must know your client as much as possible, the world around him including the competition of course.

Invest as much time as possible in getting to know your community and their needs… Remember the BUYER PERSONA?

Be very aware that not everything works for any client, nor the same content for all social media. So don’t literally copy what your competition does, because you copy the content, but you don’t know the rest.

Look for FUN, INNOVATE, CREATE, don’t be afraid, your main objective is TO SURPRISE.