Some Advice For Influencers

I thought it might be useful to share a list of tips for influencers. Here they go! Some Advice For Influencers!

  1. If your goal is to become an influencer, you’re off to a bad start. Becoming an influencer should never be an end, just a consequence. People trust you, they give you their trust (which has to be born in integrity) and, as a consequence, your influence!
  2. If your goal is to earn money as an influencer, you are still going badly. Money is also a consequence, not an end. The goal is to solve a pressing problem for someone or give them something valuable. If what you do is worth it, forget about the money, it will come alone!
  3. Bring influence to the category of consequences (just like money).
  4. Don’t try to be popular, try to be exemplary. Popular people “influence” by what they say and appear to be (successful people). Influential people because of their exemplarity and what they are (people of prestige).
  5. Deepen your motivations. Why do you want to influence others? What is your personal mission? What are you going to do for others that will substantially improve their lives or respond to their most pressing needs and/or problems?
  6. Focus on serving others, move your interest from your ego to the ego of others.
  7. Learn from the best. Find out who are the top 10 in your sector, follow them and learn as much as you can from them!
  8. Measure the impact of what you do.
  9. Find your niche and stick to it. Be specific – build a profession of two surnames! Be unique! The future belongs to niches.
  10. Make a list of 15 products you could sell (diversify and test).
  11. Strive and be constant.
  12. Ask yourself if there is a market for what you do (or dream of doing).
  13. Create a blog (if you don’t have one) and write frequently or keep few but memorable contents.
  14. Record long videos; record short videos; create images and infographics.
  15. Be active in vertical social networks.
  16. Attends industry events.
  17. Works the competitors (sum of competition + collaboration)
  18. Read from your sector (with voracity)
  19. Take courses that you believe will bring you value as a professional. Study! Study! Study!
  20. Give more than you get.
  21. Focus. Focus. Focus (again, keep focusing on your niche!)
  22. Your age is not an excuse (whether you’re young or old) to become an influence. If you’re 40, you have 67% of productive professional life left. And if you are 65, you have 25% left. Don’t worry, you still have time!
  23. Strive to be clear about what it is that you do (or know) that makes your company a better (more valuable) place just because you are there.
  24. Have “free agent” mentality. It will help you to always keep your contribution clear and present.
  25. Create your own membership, whether it’s a product, service, content, community, or a mix of all of them!
  26. Focus on helping others succeed. Again, serve others!
  27. Don’t wait for a perfect product-service. Throw it away!
  28. Show who you are as a person.
  29. Don’t focus or obsess about visitors or “I like” them.
  30. Don’t expect short-term results. The personal brand is like a plant that must be watered throughout life!
  31. Commit yourself to your audience. Don’t just offer them amazing content. If someone makes an effort to communicate with you, they deserve an answer.
  32. Stick to your purpose.
  33. You don’t need to have a presence on all social channels. Assess which ones (or which ones) best suit your purpose and audience.
  34. Find your own voice. Get in touch with your passion. Be yourself, completely and wholeheartedly, and trust that it will attract others.
  35. Write for your audience, not your ego (again, but it’s very important!).
  36. Look for something that you are passionate about, that you master (or you can master) and that solves a specific problem for someone (they don’t have to be many, if they are 1,000 we’ll be fine).
  37. Think about the business model:
    • Advertising and sponsorship
    • Affiliate Programs
    • Services
    • Digital products
    • Analog Products
    • Events
    • Memberships
    • Others: donations, blog sales, etc.
  38. Become an exhibitor of your talent, because by doing so you will open up the possibility for someone to discover it and for your professional life to change forever. Show yourself. Exhale yourself.
  39. Do you have (openly) digital references that show or attest to your talent/experience/knowledge? Interviews? Videos? Articles? Photographs? Books?
  40. Write your own book. A book is your best calling card, it is a key tool for empowering your authority as an expert in a field, increasing your relevance and influence, and getting more customers.
  41. Strive and don’t expect immediate results (again, yes, it’s also very important, patience!). The secret of success, in 99% of cases, has to do with insisting.
  42. Connects with super connectors (people with powerful contact networks and natural predisposition to connect people)
  43. Become aware of your superpower to influence. Identify some specific knowledge you possess that you could share with your digital tribe of 1,000 true followers.
  44. Be authentic. People are hungry for authentic people. Authenticity is a powerful magnet.
  45. Look for authenticity at the intersections of parcels you dominate to develop unique positions aimed at hyper-specialized niche audiences.
  46. Decide what you want to happen at the “moment of truth” (when someone finds you on Google). Experience your 0 moment of truth. Open a browser session in incognito mode and… find yourself! What does the Internet say about you? Would you hire yourself after reading that “0 moment of truth”?
  47. Think of yourself as the director of your own communication campaign.
  48. Learn to turn on and off the digital mode and the human mode. Learn to live between two worlds!
  49. Use your superpower to influence to change the world by making a positive impact on others.
  50. Think: how could I use my digital influence to create positive change in others?
  51. Commit to your dreams (in thought and action)

I hope they’re useful for you.