How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part II)

Look no further! SwipeTown, as always giving you Instagram tips and helping you with Instagram. How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part II).

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How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part II)

6. General statistics of Instagram

How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part II)

In the Instagram statistics section on the main menu you can see information about

  • The content.
  • The activity of your audience on Instagram.
  • The audience on your account.

Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram statistics for each item listed above:


In this section you will be able to see all the publications that you have made in your account.

  • News publications. Here you can see the news publications (feeds) ordered (by Me Gustas, Alcance, New Followers, etc.) with a maximum of up to the last two years.
  • Stories. You can see the statistics of the Instagram stories you have published in the last fourteen days ordered (by impressions, clicks on the link, times shared, dropouts, etc.) .
  • Promotions. Here you can create new promotions (and promotions should be shown but I’m not yet). To see your promotions and their statistics you must go to notifications (at the top of the page there is a promotions section). *We’ll be adding this section later.


At this point you will be able to see the activity on Instagram, the interactions people have made with your account and the accounts reached.

  • Interactions. Refers to the actions that people perform. Like profile visits or clicks on the website, in a given period. Additionally, it compares with previous days so you can see if it has improved or not.
  • Discovery. Tells how many people see your content and where they find it. It evaluates the reach and the impressions achieved, as well as the previous one in a given period of time and shows a comparative.


Show the segmentation of your followers, by places, age range, sex and hours and days in which they interact the most.

  • Growth. You will see the total number of followers you have gained in the given period. As well as the amount that stopped following you or started following you. Also, if you select a specific day you can see the information only for that day.
  • Top Places. Shows a range of the 5 cities and 5 countries where you have the most followers.
  • Age range. Determine the average age of your audience. You can also view it only by gender.
  • Gender. Shows you if your audience is distributed more in men or women.
  • Followers. You can see the days when you have the most interaction, as well as the times of day when your audience is most connected.

7. Statistics apps for Instagram

How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part II)

Instagram analytics are very valuable data and the Instagram app itself allows us to use it, and for free.

But there are other apps that give us another view and organization of data that may be interesting to us about our Instagram account.

They are ideal for Instagram community managers because most are paid for, although some have free plans.

Here are some sample apps for evaluating Instagram statistics:


You will be able to view comprehensive statistics of your actions on Instagram including measurement, analysis and management of the content you post to your account.

It includes the ability to view your Instagram account activity and design advanced reports to evaluate everything in real time and independently.


With this Instagram analytics app, you can view advanced analytic data about your account, including its management and Instagram content scheduling.

With advanced analytics, you can maximize your performance.


Hootsuite is an app that lets you control, manage, and view Instagram (and other social network) activity, including scheduling Instagram content.

It allows you to get analytics and create reports. Its control panel is customisable and allows you to have multiple roles in a team.

In conclusion, managing and controlling Instagram’s statistics is a must for maximizing your possibilities and achieving your goals.

You’ll be able to see what content and actions are working best and you’ll be able to enhance them.

Being a free tool is a competitive advantage that everyone has at their disposal and not knowing how to interpret the Instagram analytics, to take action on them, will be a lack in your social management that will cost you to decline in your digital strategy.

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