How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics (Part I)

Look no further! SwipeTown, as always giving you Instagram tips and helping you with your online business. How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics?

We’ll explain how to view Instagram statistics and how to analyze Instagram Stories’ actions.

Instagram has become the hardest social network to learn about, and almost everything is a bit intuitive since it is focused on phone devices.

Most people are a little lost in how to view statistics and how to know what each of its sections means.

Knowing how to interpret statistics is vital for the proper use of this social network. You will discover important data about your audience, your social impact, your publications and, in short, very important data about what happens to your Instagram account. Let’s go for it!

How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics

1. Instagram Analytics

All such aggregate and quantitative data related to an Instagram account are considered as Instagram analytics.

Instagram shows the user the most interesting variables of each account and its published content.

These are considered “statistics” in the App and from this section any user can know what happens to their followers and posts.

This way you can discover their behavior and be able to control / create actions about it.

Let’s see more about this in the next point.

2. Why to activate Instagram’s statistics

To be aware of Instagram’s analytics. This information is essential for any business today, as it is important to measure the actions taken and check their results.

By knowing the behavior of the audience of an Instagram account, we will be able to know which content they like best and which they like least, what times certain content works best, what actions increase the number of followers on the account, etc.

This statistical data allows us to create a strategy and check whether your objectives are being met or not, and make decisions about it.

This helps us to make tests, change contents or other actions and check what generates more ROI (benefit for our account).

3. How to view Instagram statistics

First of all, to see Instagram’s statistics you must have your account as a professional. If you don’t see them yet, go to the Instagram menu, go to Account and click on “Switch to Professional Account”. You can choose to be a :

  • Creator. These are independent accounts that produce content: artists, influencers, etc.
  • Company. Businesses that want to be shown on Instagram: shops, businesses, brands, etc.

Choosing one of these professional accounts will activate the respective data accumulation of your account and you can see the statistics section.

I can’t see the stats on Instagram anymore!

Be careful because this is happening to a lot of people. It turns out that if you decide to remove your account as a business account and move it to a personal account you’ll think: I can’t see the stats on Instagram anymore!

And the worst part is, you may never see them again. We at least think that Instagram resets this data and you can’t get it back.

4. Activity of each news item (FEED post)

Do you want to see the number of Likes, Comments, Shared and Saved that your post had? By activating Instagram’s statistics you can see this data on every post you make in your Feed. In particular, you can see the number of:

  • Likes that it has been received in the post.
  • Comments received on the post (this includes your responses).
  • Number of times that you have shared your post with other accounts or in your own stories.
  • Number of times that they have saved your post in their accounts.
  • Reach. Total number of people who viewed your post.
  • Interactions received on your post (actions taken on post).
  • Profile visits obtained through a specific post.
  • Clicks on your website that have been made arriving through this publication.
  • Discovery. Total number of accounts reached (Scope). Includes the percentage of people who are not your followers.
  • New followers obtained from having seen this publication.

To view all these statistics for your Instagram post, simply click on the bottom right of your post in: “View Insights”.

How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics

5. Instagram Stories

An important thing for the accounts is to see the statistics in the Instagram stories. You can view them by entering your own stories and clicking on the bottom left corner (icon with the photo of several followers and “Seen by:” – the number of people who have seen it).

The statistics of your Instagram history will be displayed right there. It will show a summary of the people who have seen your story and also. What does it mean to do on Instagram? Let’s look at it point by point:

A) Actions taken in this story (Part 1)

This is the section where you can see an icon of the graph:

  • Interactions. Actions that have been carried out in this story:
  • Clicks on the link. People who have clicked on the link included in the story.
  • Number of times that the story have been share in other accounts.
  • Profile visits. People who have gone to the profile from this story.
  • Discovery. Number of accounts reached with this story.
  • Impressions. Number of times this story has been viewed.
  • New followers gained through this story.
  • Navigation. Number of total navigation actions on the screen.
    • Back. Number of times a person goes backwards as they did not have time to visualize your previous story properly.
    • Next. Number of times a person clicked on go forward with your next story.
    • Next story. Number of times people stop watching your stories and watch the next user’s story.
    • Dropouts. Number of times you dropped out of this story.

How To View And Analyze Instagram Statistics

B) Actions taken from this story (Part 2)

This is the section where you see an eye icon and next to it the number of views:

  • Eye icon. Impressions (refers to the number of times people watch your story)
  • Sticker result. Surveys, questions, questionnaire, donations, etc. In this same section you can see the voters or participants of the sticker.
  • Spectators. People who have seen your story.

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