How To Create A Blog (Part VI)

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How To Create A Blog (Part VI)

14. Diffusion to death of your contents

How To Create A Blog (Part VI)

I don’t think you’ll be surprised if I tell you that it costs a lot to get the initial traffic to the blog.

Google, no matter how much you make an excellent SEO for your posts, will practically ignore you during the first 2 or 3 months. You will have to earn every click of your readers.

Luckily, they have invented social networks that are one of the best allies that a beginner blogger can have. So in these first months of your blog’s life you should devote a good part of your time to actively promote your content on them.

Two tips and a trick:


Watch the social networks you’re interested in. For example: a “classic” blog with a rather text-like content like this one probably won’t get too much out of Pinterest. However, for a blog with a strong image component (fashion blogs, art, etc.) it will be fundamental.

I would say that the absolutely essential today for any blog of any kind is Twitter. With Facebook I have my doubts, like other authors. So if you are not a user of social networks and do not know where to start, start by signing up on Twitter and over time you will see which one suits you best.


Apart from expanding your presence on social networks, make the most of your offline contacts, friends, family, trusted co-workers, etc. To “compile” people you have on social networks and ask them during those first 3 or 4 months to share your content each time you post a new entry, several times if possible. It will help a lot and it doesn’t cost them any work. If they’re real friends, they’ll be happy to do it.


Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups. They are a small treasure to generate initial visits. But watch out: there is a very fine line between sharing content in these groups and being a spammer. Sharing your own content in some groups is frowned upon, avoid those groups. And it goes without saying that in order to allow yourself the luxury of sharing your things without being branded as a spammer you have to meet very high quality standards and publish only content relevant to the interests of that group.

In addition, there is the way of aggregators. It is not enough to just publish your posts and leave, you must do a little community (publish things of others, comment, etc..), some even require you to post things yours.

What about the payment methods?

And then there is always the payment method, that is, online ads. The most used way is Google AdWords, but lately I also see more and more people doing campaigns on Facebook with good results.

If you go this way, so that the investment is really profitable for you, you should not settle for just visits. You should consider creating some kind of free product that readers can download in exchange for a “sign up” on your mailing list.

Take care that it is a product with a high added value and very focused on the interests of the reader profile you want to reach. In this way you will be making the most of your traffic from day one and you will gradually consolidate a base of loyal readers to whom you can send your new content.

As you can see there are many ways to start from the beginning with a small audience. If you dedicate a little affection to this you should be able to count, at least, with several dozens of daily visits from the first day.

Those visits alone are very good, but the best thing is that, in addition, they will accelerate your presence in Google (by the movement of your links in the network) and it will allow you to capture your first loyal readers using the techniques of which we will speak a little more below.

It wouldn’t be bad to start, for example, with 40-50 daily visits from the first day versus 0 that you’ll have if you’re not proactive, right?

How To Create A Blog (Part VI)

How To Create A Blog (Part VI)

Well, this is not so complicated. You can get it if you work it out a little and your contents are up to the task. Even +100 visits a day is not a crazy figure if your theme and the quality of your content have enough potential, and you strive to apply the techniques discussed here.

In addition, now you will understand even better why in this phase you won’t have time for such useless things as messing with WordPress topics…

Create an improved blog

At this point we could finish with this guide because right now you already have an operative blog and you know how to start moving its contents.

But the truth is that there is an abyss between just creating a blog and doing it well.

So if you want to know, in addition, a few first strokes of what you have to do to have a blog like professionals, read on…

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