How To Create A Blog (Part V)

How To Create A Blog (Part V) continues from How To Create A Blog (Part IV). 

How To Create A Blog (Part V)

11. Create a logo

How To Create A Blog (Part V)

The minimum necessary personalization that any blog should have is a logo. A good logo makes magic and even a very simple and minimalist theme, thanks to a good logo, can cause a completely professional impression.

At first you don’t even need a very professional logo 😀

With time as you see that the blog is consolidating you should take care of its design. This will help you take the next step in the evolution of your blog.

There may be cases in which the importance of the logo is somewhat minor, such as blogs very oriented to a personal brand, since here the photo of the person in question can replace in some way the function of the logo.

But even so most of these blogs also have their logo (usually the same name, but with a logo design).

If you don’t see yourself able to make a logo in conditions, like the vast majority of bloggers, you have two very good options to get a logo very easily and quickly.


An American website very famous for its work of all kinds for 5 dollars.

Don’t expect miracles, but with a little luck and choosing the right professional, you can get very worthy results.

An ideal option to start with a low budget. In addition, now they also have their website in Spanish.


A professionally designed site and the option we recommend. The prices are no longer given away as in the two previous options, but in exchange has much more added value.

Fundamentally more professional designs and a good set of proposals from different authors among which you choose those with which you stay.

At this moment, prices for a logo start at 229€.

How to make the first contents for your blog

Right now your blog is ready to work. At this point the most important thing is to give it life so that it “starts to walk” or what is the same: to create the first contents.

12. Create a basic page structure

Personally my suggestion would be to create before the first posts the basic pages.

I mean those pages that every blog should have: pages like “About us” where you introduce yourself and your blog or a contact page where people can send you an email through a form.

If you look, here’s the main difference between posts and WordPress pages: the pages are fixed content, frame the site and stay on the same site for a long time. Posts are dynamic content that is published continuously.

A good structure of this type, with good content, although very simple, will make a better impression on the reader because it conveys a feeling of a blog created with more affection and seriousness.

In addition, unlike a good design, it is a very affordable task for someone who is not a specialized professional.

You can overlap this work with the creation of the first posts, but I would not come to light without having, at least, a basic version of this page structure.

How To Create A Blog (Part V)

13. Create your first posts

As I said before, in my opinion, apart from a basic page structure, you should have at least 4-5 very good quality posts for the day you launch your blog.

In the writing of your content I consider it mandatory that you learn the basic principles of copywriting.

The most important thing will be to know how to write good titles, titles that attract the reader’s attention and motivate them to click to discover the contents of the post.

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