A New Term Is Born: What Is An Inforluencer?

Do you know what an inforluencer is in today’s world? The rise of social networks has changed the paradigm of communication, and with it the figure of journalists. A New Term Is Born: What Is An Inforluencer?

A New Term Is Born What Is An Inforluencer

The journalism sector is undergoing a transformation with the presence of digital media; as well as new practices that influence society. Now, a new term is born: inforluencer.

At first glance it seems to be related to the already popular influencers. Influencers have certainly changed the way people inform themselves. For this reason, the figure of inforluencer is born, which relates to journalists and the digital world.

In this way, inforluencer refers to a new term that could be coined for many journalists today. Influence from communication drives the digitized society to inform itself through inforluencers. But what is an inforluencer?

What is an inforluencer?

The media have observed that nowadays it is essential to be present in the digital world. In fact, most have profiles on social networks to transmit information to people.

However, it is no longer just a matter of having profiles on social networks. It is necessary to work according to the informative agenda, adapting it to the online format. It is of little use to offer the same content in printed and digital media.

Precisely digital marketing has become essential for the media to reach a wider audience.

In addition, customization plays a very important role for each user to receive the information of interest. Even the attraction, retention and loyalty of users is more effective.

What’s more, the media are already looking for profiles of people who have a great influence on social networks.

Those people who have a high number of followers, in order to include them in their work teams. Specifically, these profiles respond to what an inforluencer is.

Therefore, inforluencer is the name given to those journalists who share their informative pieces and who have known how to adapt to the new communicative scenario; according to the UDIMA study that introduced this term.

These journalists create and maintain a profile in social networks and communicate with their followers, follow and comment on the news.

Examples of inforluencers

In this moment that the sector of the communication is having relevant transformations, the inforluencers are the last tendency.

These journalists not only seek to inform, but also to influence opinions and trends through social networks.

In this way, social networks have presented an opportunity for journalists and media to differentiate themselves and reach the public.

Many citizens distrust the media and the information they convey.

However, this figure is ideal for regaining confidence and approaching their audience.

Like influencers, inforluencers have a community of followers who are interested in the information they offer on social networks.

They are journalists who transmit trust and proximity; therefore credibility in communication is effective.

In short, the figure of inforluencer is already a reality in the new paradigm of communication. Influential people are key for the media and companies.