IGTV Guide For Influencers In 2019 (Part I)

IGTV came to revolutionize us all. Not only those of us who dedicate ourselves to the digital world, but also the users and companies who use Instagram on a daily basis.

IGTV Guide For Influencers In 2019 (Part I)

Let’s see how to take advantage of this new application to connect and generate more conversions.

Through this guide I am going to share with you what IGTV is, what you can use it for, when and how to use it and many tips that will help you convert more if you finally decide to bet on having a presence in this “extension” of Instagram.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is the new platform for uploading and consuming videos officially launched by Instagram.

In short, IGTV is Instagram’s television and a new space to consume video content from 15 seconds to 1 hour in length.

This Instagram bet is due to all the video content that millions of users upload daily, you can see it as a way to compete with YouTube directly or as a way to increase the quality time within Instagram.

It’s no secret that video marketing is getting stronger and stronger, the most recognized content creators (Youtubers, Instagramers, celebrities and other influencers) translate their creativity and their daily lives into videos that are then consumed by millions of users around the world.

How does IGTV work?

The use of IGTV is very simple, but the first thing I want to tell you is that besides consuming the videos from IGTV you will be able to watch them from your Instagram application and that you will receive a notification when the users you follow upload new content.

The advantage of consuming as a result of the application is that it automatically shows you videos of your possible interest and this will allow you to meet and connect with other creators.

What you need to know about IGTV

IGTV Guide For Influencers In 2019 (Part I)

  • For now there is a duration limitation, your videos can be minimum 15 seconds and maximum 60 minutes. But Instagram warned that this limitation is temporary.
  • Currently there is NO official method of monetization as Youtube works with ads. But content creators as always can continue to generate income from their content through agreements and sponsorships with brands or selling their own services and physical and digital products.
  • The content you will see will be short videos, as it is now the platform is NOT for consumption of long videos.
  • You can manage IGTV from the mobile (with the native Instagram application or with the IGTV application) and from the computer.
  • Once you have your channel created from the computer you will have your IGTV tab active.
  • You can embed IGTV videos in your web/blog like any other Instagram content.
  • You can edit the title and description of your videos from your computer (below I show you how).
  • You can save as a draft a video that you want to upload from your computer.
  • You can share IGTV videos with different methods:
    • Sharing the unique link of each video
    • Sharing the link to your IGTV channel
    • Sending an individual video by private message from Instagram
    • Sharing a story and linking to your IGTV channel
  • When you create your channel your Instagram followers will automatically be able to see everything you upload. In spite of having to create a new channel for you, don’t get overwhelmed thinking that you need followers for your channel because you share the same ones as your profile.
  • The likes and comments that your IGTV videos receive will appear in the Instagram notifications. Remember that you can filter the comments as well as your Instagram content (by most recent and highlighted).
  • You can manage multiple IGTV channels from the application. It automatically recognizes the accounts you have in your native Instagram application.
  • You can NOT create several channels for the same Instagram profile. Each profile has only one channel that is automatically inherited by followers.
  • You can share IGTV videos via private messages.
  • IGTV videos have a player similar to Youtube, this improves your experience and allows you to have more control of what you want to see.

How to use IGTV

Here are the steps you need to take before you start creating and sharing your videos:

  • Update your Instagram application
  • Download the IGTV application and log in your Instagram iOS or Android profile
  • Create your IGTV channel

The use of IGTV is very easy, you can watch videos that the platform selected for you, those of the people you follow in your Instagram, the popular ones and the ones you left halfway (I love this tab).

You can also use the search engine to access the videos of your interest and upload your own content as well as switch between one account and another.

Ideas for IGTV videos (When to use IGTV)

IGTV Guide For Influencers In 2019 (Part I)

Unlike Youtube that you have to upload quality videos, well edited and with a very good content (assuming you want to stand out in YT) in IGTV you can upload more homemade and natural videos. You can see my first video here.

Here are some ideas for using IGTV:

  • Launch your VLOG on this platform and if the format works for you then think about launching it on Youtube as well.
  • Entertainment videos of less than 5 minutes.
  • Interviews.
  • Mini Tutorials.
  • Questions and Answers (answer frequently asked questions with mini videos).
  • Trailers and summary of other longer videos you have on YouTube / Vimeo.
  • Replays of your Instagram Live.
  • Demos.
  • Unboxing.
  • Replays of webinars.
  • Mini online courses or masterclasses.

PS: You can make your first video a presentation video with a promise of what your followers will continue to see.