7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 (Part II)

In the last post we spoke about:

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality.
2. Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence.
3. Context Marketing at every stage of the sale.
4. Transparency in native advertising.

5. Use of Messaging Apps and Chatbots

7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 (Part II)

Messaging is among the favorite ways for consumers to contact businesses.

Obviously, so long as it’s an excellent service which works rather than those in which it is possible to spend days awaiting a response.

As a company, dropping this role in your site may be a bad idea for 2019.

Many of these messaging apps have been connected with chatbots, that can be computer tools that mimic human discussions.

Through a chatbot you are able to automate tasks which are persistent and bureaucratic, which provides you additional time to concentrate on areas of higher significance in the business.

We typically find it in merchandise pages where we request some sort of product and the chatbot reacts by sending us the URL to the part of this webpage at which they are redirecting us into a part of”frequently asked questions”.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence), chatbots are diversifying, adapting to various methods of asking questions. Describe what your chatbot’s goal is going to be to get 2019 and integrate it with software like Facebook to maximize your earnings.

6. Immediate Content for Express Users

7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 (Part II)

The practicality of smartphones signifies that we have content anytime, anyplace. Not for nothing have come to be the most important mode of online access, impacting the manner in which an individual makes inquiries and absorbs content.

Users get into the search engine of the cellular phones to get immediate information, easily and quickly. Especially as these devices are utilized while we do other pursuits.

This is called “Fast Content” and will represent a challenge for manufacturers in 2019. We know some apps for this:

  • Facebook Stories.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • Google AMP Stories.

Firms must utilize their imagination and capacity to synthesize content to keep a hard-to-captivate audience which absorbs content fast.

The important thing is to make use of uncontrollable content that’s both appealing and impactful. Make certain that it’s interactive and enables user immersion.

It should be said that quick content doesn’t have anything to do with decreasing the standard of your content.

This has to be helpful and provide added value to the consumer, like every extensive publication.

It shouldn’t be your sole way of diffusion to follow, because depending on the subject and the goal can be more suitable a material of greater length and thickness.

7. Automation of Marketing procedures

7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 (Part II)

It will not just allow you to lower prices but also to get an international vision of your future activities to follow. It’s best to use in areas such as:

  • Production of involvement with this item.
  • Automation of repetitive advertising procedures.
  • Automatic Learning on the basis of information.

Segmenting pictures, emailing campaigns or re-engagement are only a few of the activities that take advantage of automation.


In order to specify what tendencies your company requirements, it’s essential to outline the goals that you would like to attain by 2019.

The character of your service or product also plays an integral role in picking out your strategy.

This is an exciting age for electronic advertising, in which robotization and the internet of things will soon examine the technological innovation ability of small, medium and massive businesses.

Also, the smartphone will last to become a protagonist on your advertising strategies. This usually means that all attempts must stay mobile oriented.

Invest in adapting your company as much as you can to this particular gadget.

We’re not just referring to content adaptation but additionally about technical adaptation in any way levels.

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