Tips To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate (Part II)

8. Interact and Take Part in Massive Conversations

Should you really need your community to become engaged and involved, you need to provide them a motive behind this. The very best approach to do so is through continuous dialog with your audience.

Tips To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate (Part II)

  • Interact! Respond to remarks, do not only give like. Thank and greet your new followers. Look For new followers outside your own limits.
  • Get out from the wall! Start looking for new followers outside of your own profile and participate in conversations to receive their attention.

9. Make Superior Captions

We already understood that photographs need to be quite handcrafted, however, the caption can not be left behind.

Be original, different and enjoyable.

It’s true in this social networking we now have the handicap online breaks but you can figure out how to do it with the notes app in your smartphone or maybe a dialog of Whatsapp to compose your messages and using an easy”cut and paste” take them for your Instagram.

My Suggestion: Get out of the mold! If you manage to locate your own personality when communication, you’ll also be recognized by it and who knows, maybe you will produce trend.

10. Do Questions to Pull Attention

One of the questions which attracts instagrammers to mind is the way to get their followers to leave a comment in their posts.

Consequently, if we take into consideration that remarks would be the attention of Instagram’s new algorithm, so it’s vital to encourage user involvement with our posts beyond the easy like.

Require a fantastic care with all the backup of your captions. Don’t leave anything to chance and constantly attempt to invite the reader to comment and also to feel recognized.

You may observe how your followers begin to interact naturally.

You can Ask questions of this sort:

  • “What would you enjoy best?”
  • “Where co you believe this image was shot?”
  • “Are you of the fashion or this one?”
  • “Can You know some other way to do it”

11. Get Into the Highlights section

Tips To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate (Part II)

Should you proceed into the”Explore” section of this Instagram program, you will see a whole lot of post and accounts stories which you don’t follow along with are linked to the sort of articles that you normally interact with.

Inside this part, you will locate account articles using a large number of likes which have been accessed in a limited moment.

Therefore, emerging there will provide you more visibility and may reach a lot more users.

But how do I get into this exclusive department? The notion is that you get many enjoys in a brief while and in a pure manner.

One of the quickest methods to perform this could be via contests or sweepstakes that can create substantial involvement by consumers.

12. Organize Contests

Tips To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate (Part II)

Holding Contests in your Instagram accounts is an perfect method to boost the reach and involvement of your posts.

It’s also an extremely effective method for Instagram to put you at the”VIP” part of highlights cited previously.

You can Arrange a variety of sorts of contests or sweepstakes:

  • Reward the very first “X” likes.
  • Request them to cite X buddies to take part.
  • Request a question and benefit the most original response.
  • Request them to talk about in a refuel or in tales to take part.


The formats and types of contests are many. The main issue is that you’re first and what you provide as a decoration is connected to a own brand.

In this manner, you do not drop sight of your own branding.

13. Maximize the Hashtags you Utilize

An excellent usage of hashtags is just another super productive manner of appearing recurrently from the highlights section, together with all the consequent increase in participation and reach this involves.

It’s Very important that you select and utilize the hashtags with thoughts in this manner that they’re in accord with the content that you discuss and together with the material that interests your target audience.

Bear in mind that on your posts you may use around 30 hashtags and those which are too spammers can be penalized so pick them .

You can utilize tools to discover and examine hashtags such like:, Pirendo, TagsForLikes, InstagramTag, TagBlender, etc., and determine which ones match your personality best, examine them and examine if they work or not.

14. Geolocate your Posts

Tips To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate (Part II)

People like to understand what is happening around them or within a specific place so that it’s imperative that you indicate the positioning of your posts.

When a user wishes to understand what’s going on in their locality, in their town, in an event, etc., they could locate it from the search area by clicking the “Location” tab.

There you’re able to look for the place that you need and all geolocalized posts.

If your post is geolocated, you may reach more customers and you’ll have more chances to acquire followers in Instagram.