Tips And Tricks For Facebook Pages That You Must Know!

A Facebook Page should essentially be flawless. It’s sort of like your identity card which tells others about you or your brand. It is definitely a great way to reach out to a wider audience.

Tips And Tricks For Facebook Pages That You Must Know

An attractive and eye-catching Facebook page can bring your business the attention that it needs apart from fetching potential customers.

However, there are certain secret tips and tricks that several people have no clue about.

In fact, these can be a game-changer for you and your brand.

Ensure that you apply these tips and tricks and watch your page explode with an audience from around the globe!

Make Your Page Appealing

Your display picture and cover image are the first things that a person sees when they visit your page.

You need to make sure that the profile picture truly explains what your page stands for.

For example, if you’re a baker, your profile picture should be about your baked goods or about you (the baker). Refrain from choosing pictures which aren’t relevant and hold no value.

Make sure that there is not too much text or any emojis on the image. You want your image to be as clear as possible.

Make sure that it has a sharp resolution and loads easily.

Furthermore, you can keep your company’s logo or an image which represents your brand as the profile picture.

Likewise, the cover image can be related to your brand. Make sure that this image looks extremely welcoming and inviting.

This is because this is the first and the largest image on your profile that a visitor would be seeing.

Visit your own page as an individual and see if everything looks okay.

Choose your content

Tips And Tricks For Facebook Pages That You Must Know

This is done from your separate individual account. Log into your individual account from your mobile phone.

Go to the Settings section and click “News Feed Preferences”. This section allows you to choose which content will be shown on your profile first.

This way you can push newer content and ensure that the visitors to your page can see it.

Afterward, you will definitely see a difference in the viewership of your posts.

CTA to the Rescue

CTA stands for Call to Action. This button is usually placed on business pages where you can instantly call or message them.

What Facebook does is that it places buttons on your business page which redirect the visitors.

This serves several purposes. You can have a “Call Now” button, “Email Now” button, or a button to send messages instantly.

This way, when this pops up, visitors can instantly click and start communicating with you.

This is an extremely efficient way to get followers and allow users to find your content.

Don’t go crazy with the promo

Tips And Tricks For Facebook Pages That You Must Know

It’s obvious that you want to establish your brand and make your page popular, but posting promotional content will only drive away potential customers.

Ensure that the posts are never centered around you and that they offer knowledge and value to the visitors.

The key is to post content frequently and to find the correct balance between non-promotional and promotional content.