The Untold Truth Of Elly Mayday

Today I am going to write about Elly Mayday. Elly Mayday was not only a gorgeous model, but she is also quite vocal about spreading body positivity.

The Untold Truth Of Elly Mayday

Sadly, she died at the beginning of this month after fighting for years with ovarian cancer growth.

She has definitely had a rocky ride and her family shared the news of her death through her Instagram account.

She was merely thirty when she died. Nonetheless, she had always been a fierce personality who wanted to have a long-lasting effect on the lives of others.

She also received an enormous amount of love, not only her fans but also from those around her.

In the past few months, she documented her journey and began to recover from the medical procedure.

Unlike several other users on social media, Elly ensured that she stayed genuine and authentic despite having millions of followers.

She was an instant hit among her followers for quite the opposite; her shapely figure.

In spite of that, she was a stunning lady inside and out. Her life had been a series of happy events as she started experiencing life at a ranch right from her childhood.

She was raised and brought up in that cheerful and lively atmosphere.

Experiencing childhood at a ranch at such an early age implied she found out about spiritual existence and simply about “living in the moment” uniquely in contrast to other youngsters.

In fact, she would often see cows giving birth and it was a life-changing experience for her.

This ensured that she was very different from your usual teenagers. She didn’t step into modeling instantly either.

She went to Regina to attend school before moving to Vancouver. She started as an air hostess with a prominent airline and then worked as a waitress. Her job as an air hostess allowed her to travel the world and go to new places.

While she was working as an air hostess, she discovered that she had cancer.

While other adolescents were experiencing life and attending meetings one after the other, she was trying to adjust to her life as it was. She decided to focus on getting better.

Her visits to the doctor became more often. It was around this time that she started modeling.

Her career only began as people said she was beautiful and she believed so too.

Soon enough, brands started to reach out to her so that she could model for them.

She even got a chance to have her photo showcased in Times Square in NYC.

During this time, she was rejected by doctors who said that they wouldn’t be able to treat her.

Her life has definitely not been easy but she did achieve a considerable amount of fame and also successfully spread the message of body positivity.

She was disgraced for shedding pounds and her own friends who were models started to despise her because of her popularity.

They started to shame her for losing weight despite the fact that it was only because of chemo that she started to drop pounds.

Alas, after struggling through all of that, Elly died at the beginning of March 2019.