The Truth about Zoella

Zoella, who is popularly known as Zoe is one of the most popular YouTubers online.

She’s particularly well-known for her fun and engaging with her fellow YouTubers and the makeup tutorials which are highly informative.

She also has her very own Merch and a line of her skin care products amidst other essentials.

She has candles, body lotions, hand creams and a whole lot of other goodies.

Zoella has a large number of YouTube supporters and a massive fan following.

Regardless of whether you have observed the greater part of Zoella’s recordings, odds are there are heaps of facts you may have missed and probably don’t know about the popular YouTuber.

Here is the truth about Zoella.

Despite liking all sorts of music, Zoe particularly loves songs by “Steps”.

While you may not even recognize the name of the UK based band, they’re actually quite popular and are infamous for their hit song “Dancing Queen”. Zoe also mentioned she went on a vacation for the first time to Portugal.

Her experience, as she mentions, was absolutely lovely and she even told her audience what it was like to be growing up in her household.

She also happens to love body scrubs which not only happen to have a pleasant smell, but also ensure that her skin remains smooth and supple.

If you’re already a fan, you must know how much Zoe adores hedgehogs, in fact, she’s quite a bit crazy about them.

Even though she didn’t splurge on some hedgehog Merch, she actually spent a considerable amount of money on cat food just so she could feed a stray hedgehog in her garden.

Zoe has also shown her love for makeup and all sorts of girly things.

In fact, she’s even seen making back-to-school supplies and showing her audience various ideas for outfits as well.

The Truth about Zoella

Despite all the sunshine in her life, Zoe has always suffered from anxiety.

She even goes on to make videos spreading awareness about depression and anxiety and how much they affected a whole segment of her life.

In fact, she’s quite vocal about how panic attacks make a frequent appearance in her life.

She got her first one when she was only fourteen. She mentions that despite the fact that she has learned to manage them now, there are things that bother her every now and then.

Despite her popularity, she barely likes to go out to clubs and bars.

Her anxiety and her hectic schedule don’t allow her to make the most of the happening nightlife of the city.

She also has a very small group of friends. This fact also takes a toll on her mental health.

In spite of all of that, her friends like Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Alfie, and several others are very supportive and ensure that they give her all the love she needs.

Her adorable persona and extremely relatable personality make it impossible to not love her for who she is.

Be it her makeup tutorials or videos of various challenges, her comment’s section is always flooded with compliments from her fans who truly identify with her.