Instagram Statistics (Part II)

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2. Instagram statistics on your publications

Instagram Statistics (Part II)

The second type of statistics that Instagram offers is about the contents that you publish in your feed. It is a much more specific data that helps you to know which was the best publication you have made. Instagram Statistics (Part II)

To do this, go to your profile and click on any of them.

Under the image you will see “View statistics”. Click there. You can scroll up the screen that appears.

Instagram statistics

General Values of a specific publication

Instagram Statistics (Part II)

Firstly, Instagram shows us the general values of that particular publication:

  • Number of likes
  • Comments
  • Number of resent
  • Times it’s been saved

Then it shows you:

  • The number of visits to your profile that have taken place since that publication and also;
  • The scope (remember that this is the number of unique users who have seen this content once).


Interactions are a very important value to calculate your engagement, which is the best KPI you can choose to know the success of your publication.

It is the metric that gathers the actions that people have carried out in your publication, that is to say, the 6 previous ones that I have just explained to you.

The more engagement, the more success. Note that it is much more important than the number of followers you have. This is just a vain metric.


This statistic differs from the one found in the previous section and is more generic.

Here, Instagram tells us how many people have seen your publication and how they got there.

These are very interesting values that the social network already gives you half analyzed.

– Scope

It shows you, once again, the scope of your content and also gives you a percentage of how many of those people are your followers.

Think it’s interesting to reach new users who may become your potential customers, but it’s also good to reach those we already have, because that will mean that our content is interesting to them.

– New Followers

It’s the number of new followers you’ve gotten thanks to that content. We all like it to be more than zero, yes.

– Impressions

It’s the total number of times your publication has been viewed (it’s higher than the reach because some users will have seen you more than once).

Here, Instagram statistics break down where your feed contents have been viewed from:

  • Main page
  • Hashtags
  • Your profile
  • Other sites

I want to highlight two things here:

  • Instagram already tells you which sites have given you more visibility.
  • Instagram does not break down which hashtag has worked best for you. If you want to know which one it is, the only solution is that you make contents that only have one. Sure this will make you lose reach, but it is the way to make a good study of them. That or use Metricool, the tool I’ll tell you about below.


If you had promoted this publication, the results of your ad would appear here.

Instagram statistics

3. Instagram Stories Statistics

If you don’t do Stories regularly on Instagram, you won’t achieve your goals (or it will take you much longer to reach them). It’s that clear.

Therefore, I recommend that you already draw up your strategy for them, which doesn’t have to be the same as the feed or the IGTV strategy.

Having said that, let’s see what you will find in the statistics of the Stories of Instagram.

You can analyze the Featured Stories or the ones you have circulating at the moment.

You should also know that, depending on the Call to Action you have in it, you will have different data than the rest.

For example, if you do a survey, the answers given by the users are shown.

To be practical in this post, let’s talk about the statistics common to all of them. If you have doubts about others, I invite you to write them in the comments and see them together.

The first thing you have to do to see the values is to move the Story up with your finger. Imagine that the data is hidden underneath it.

You will find yourself with a screen in which the Story you are analyzing is highlighted and, if you are in the highlighted ones, others from that group; if you are in the ones that are circulating, all of them, with the option of publishing a new one.

Line of icons

– Unequal bars:

This is the most important part of Instagram’s statistics on Stories. As in the case of contents (don’t forget that a Story is one more) we have interactions and discoveries.


  • Total actions performed by all users on the Story.
  • Answers that have been given to your Story and that have come to you by direct message. (I take this opportunity to tell you that it is very important that you answer them, even if only to say thank you. This is part of your branding).
  • Visits to your profile that have been generated from this Story.

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