Instagram Presents “Quiz Stories” In Its New Update

The Instagram platform, with more than 1.3 billion users globally, more than 71 percent of whom are between the ages of 13 and 34, launches a new feature.

Instagram Presents "Quiz Stories" In Its New Update

This application has managed to position itself for its “Stories”, as they have become one of the favorite ways for users and brands to share their content.

What makes this new update different is the combination of stickers, calling the update “Quiz Stories” which is basically a new way to use the Stickers that already exist, increasing interaction with followers.

This update is available since last Tuesday, for brands and users in general.

Just go to the Stickers tray, click on the option ‘Quiz’ and include a question and its answer, as well as choose the one that will be ‘right’, and then just ‘customize’ the Quiz and then share.

How to Use the “Quiz Sticker” to Make Contests in Instagram Stories

A new sticker arrives at Instagram Stories officially after the application was testing it with a small group of users a few weeks ago. This is the “Quiz” sticker, which allows direct interaction with followers.

The new Quiz sticker opens the possibility for companies to organize contests on Instagram stories.

It can be used by both ordinary users and companies to ask questions about themselves or about any issue, offering up to four possible answers, one true and three false.

All you have to do is select the “Quiz” sticker in Instagram Stories. This opens up the option to include a question.

For example, a user might ask “What is my favorite color? and offer three options: Red, Blue and Green, for example, being just one right one. The minimum number of possible answers is two.

Instagram Presents "Quiz Stories" In Its New Update

The user could see how many and who of his contacts have answered that question, as shown in the attached image.

This new sticker represents an opportunity for companies to interact with their followers and develop contests on the platform.

For example, several Stories could be published with a question in each of them, so that the followers who got them all right could get a certain gift.

The problem is that, for the moment, the counting of the winners should be done manually, because currently there are no programs or applications that can manage the information generated by these newly released stickers.

But possibly it is only a matter of time before this functionality appears -and others- to get the most out of these stickers.

The new Quiz stickers have just been released worldwide and will be available to all Instagram users over the next few days.