How to Monetize My Facebook Profile (Part II)

In the previous post I spoke about:

  1. Fill all Personal Information
  2. Invite your friends to see your page and like them.
  3. Add a followers box to your website
    • Where do I put my Subscriber Box?
    • How to create a Subscriber Box on your website?
  4. Create an advertisement on Facebook
  5. Make a call to action on your page
    • How do we do it?
  6. Share your posts in your personal profile
  7. Share images and videos
  8. Where does success lie in Monetizing with Facebook?
  9. Options to Monetize your website or your Facebook Page
    • CPM
    • CPC
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Referring to other Facebook Accounts
    • Publish Paid Ads
    • Sell Your Fan Page
  10. What else should I keep in mind to succeed when monetizing with Facebook?

8. Where does success lie in Monetizing with Facebook?

How to Monetize My Facebook Profile (Part II)

Success lies in the traffic you can attract through your Fan Page and redirect to your website so the key to differentiate us from the rest that has failed to monetize with Facebook successfully is there.

So our goal is to bring traffic from Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks using strategy recommendations, direct actions and others to radically increase the traffic that goes to our Fan Page, getting I like recommendations and large number of subscribers and after establishing these pillars well that traffic will call more traffic.

This coupled with Content Optimization, and other strategies that optimize your SEO will generate more and more traffic to your website.

9. Options to Monetize your website or your Facebook Page


For when a considerable amount of traffic is coming to your website from Social Networks, Google and directly you can, for example, monetize your website through CPM. CPM is the cost per thousand impressions so by placing ads on your website you will be passively receiving income that can be around the dollar (1 dolar) per thousand visits.


Cost per click. Which looks a bit like CPM and you can use ad platforms like Google Adsense, Adroll, Bidvertise, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Through it you can earn commissions for each sale that is generated through a link that your references on product or brand.
Platforms: ClickBank, Ebay, Amazon and more.

Referring to other Facebook Accounts

One way to monetize with Facebook is to mention in our publications other accounts or Facebook pages, which will give you a payment for it.

Through this strategy is usually made packages, ie negotiated to name some publications or Facebook page for a few weeks or months.

Although this Facebook strategy tends to be mostly collaborative, with no money involved and serves to advertise from one page to another, it is also known that you can get to perceive money with this strategy to have a large number of followers.

Publish Paid Ads

How to Monetize My Facebook Profile (Part II)

Facebook provides us with a platform with which we can get paid traffic which is very good to promote our brand, but also to sell a product, or promote our website to certain well-defined sectors within the large Facebook network.

So along with the above mentioned strategies (CPC; CPM; Affiliate Marketing etc.) you can get excellent results without jeopardizing your Facebook account.

One of the biggest advantages of these ads are their low cost and wide reach which supports us in this strategy to monetize Facebook.

Sell Your Fan Page

This would be a definitive measure or perhaps desperate but in the end an option to monetize with your Facebook which involves selling it, since there are many people interested in buying them and for that there are forums and even within Facebook, in some groups are marketed Fan Page

In order to be able to sell it at the right price, you must take great care of your audience, your activity, your reach and, above all, expose all this information to the buyer so that he can trust that you don’t want to deceive him.

On the other hand it is interesting that there are parameters that guide you in terms of price to ask for an amount of money that is reasonable and tempting enough.

10. What else should I keep in mind to succeed when monetizing with Facebook?

You must be very clear about everything that will require of you, will be months of hard work, which has discouraged many who are looking for easy money and fast and therefore get tired of seeing that their project is not going anywhere, however those who have succeeded has been thanks to their perseverance and perseverance and have not been afraid to continue fighting for success.

In conclusion, each person can succeed with a different strategy, we must also be clear that the strategy that worked for someone will not necessarily be effective in our case, so it is good to have clear that each strategy consists of Facebook monetization and then apply and prove which of them is more profitable in our case.

I hope you find useful these suggestions, try the ones you like and that you are successful in monetizing your Facebook page.