How To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

A good marketing plan in social networks is essential when positioning a brand, but if we do not create valuable content it will not help.

How To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

To ensure that your publications are always original and of high quality, create your own content calendar.

Definitely, social networks have been a significant change in the way of understanding digital marketing. Optimizing their possibilities will increase the ROI of our company. The figures show this in a report published by the Content Marketing Institute:

  • 74% of sellers recorded an increase in traffic after spending only 6 hours a week on social networks.
  • 78% of Americans admit to taking social networks into account in their purchasing decisions.

Having a content calendar for your social networks allows you:

  • Develop your editorial strategy
  • Optimize your content marketing strategy and help allocate resources intelligently
  • Publish quality content
  • Organize cure content
  • Create content with planning and all the necessary resources

Why does your Company need a Social Media Calendar?

  1. It helps to maintain control of the publications we make, so that we ensure optimum quality and consistency of the published content.

    According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60% of companies that have a documented strategy rate themselves as highly effective in their content marketing strategies, compared to 32% of those that maintain only a verbal strategy.

  2. It allows you to point out those days or events that are especially important for the company, adapting its contents and giving the message to be communicated, both on that day and on previous and subsequent days.
  3. It helps to prevent you from abusing one type of content, one piece of information, publishing a lot on one network and abandoning others, etc. prevent abuses in the social multimedia network and leave aside the others.

    Use icons for each of the networks or colors that identify them at first sight.

  4. Allows to organize teamwork, distribute topics, meet deadlines, etc..
  5. You will be able to check the contents that work best, at what times, etc. (with the help of Facebook Insights, Analytics and other tools).

Step by Step: Your own Content Calendar for Social Networks

How To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

1. Define your Objective

Depending on the activity your company or business is involved in, the objective of being present and active in social networks can vary.

It is not the same to design a strategy that seeks to promote a company, product or service than one that seeks to increase customer loyalty or increase the number of customers, generate engagement, share knowledge and news, and so on.

2. Define your Own Style of Communication

Both the tone in which you address your followers and the style of your content are elements that are part of your branding and, therefore, factors in which you play the so precious online reputation.

Publications can be informative, formative, inspiring, entertaining, etc.

In the case of the tone of the communications can go from a more professional or technical communication to a closer, formal or informative, promotional or commercial.

3. Choose which Social Networks you Want to be Present On.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube…

4. Select the type of Content that best suits the Company’s Philosophy and that is most Attractive to your Audience.

How To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

Depending on the sector in which you move, one type of content or another will have a greater impact on your potential customers.

The offer is no longer limited to text, image or video. Vilma Nuñez, an expert in Digital Marketing and Social Media, has created a content matrix according to the objective we pursue: to build loyalty, attract, persuade, convert or build loyalty.

5. Don’t forget the “evergreen” content.

Content that never expires and that can be essential in your content marketing strategy.

6. Organize the Content and Prepare the Calendar.

An excel table, a word… As in everything, ‘each teacher has his or her own booklet’, but our advice is that you prepare the contents in advance, the copy that is going to accompany it, the sources, etc.

You will save a lot of time and be more open to creativity.

Important! Vary the contents throughout the weeks and publish in the hours that the users of your page or account are most active.

7. Publish Live or by Programming.

How To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

The advantage of programming content in advance is that you don’t have to be available at scheduled times and you’ll have more time to interact with your followers and do research.

Many social networks offer the option of programming your contents.

Other tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Onlypult, etc. allow you to program and manage social networks, making everyday work much easier.

A good social network content calendar should include icons that represent each network next to the title of the post, be easy to read, contain all the information for your content marketing strategy, reflect who is responsible for writing, publishing and promoting each piece of content and other needs that may arise in the day to day.

Using a content calendar for Social Media will help you optimize your work, increase the productivity and effectiveness of your strategies, provide a more measurable ROI and make your brand unique and differentiated.

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