How To Check If Instagram Is Down?

A few days ago, the majority of those who use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other apps from Facebook faced difficulty in accessing the app.

How To Check If Instagram Is Down

While this was attributed to the fact that there was a DDOS attack on the system, Facebook remained silent and assured that the applications would work like they normally did.

On the off chance that you are still having difficulty in sending messages or posting on the app, it might be because of the fact that there’s an issue with the app.

Since there are users who actually run their businesses online or there are influencers who earn through the social media platforms, it’s absolutely crucial to know when the application is down and when it is working properly.

Here are a couple of things which can help you to determine whether the app is down or not.

Before freaking out, breathe in and breathe out. Applications on your mobile phone might crash even when the cache is not cleared or even when there’s no internet connectivity.

In fact, there are a ton of reasons behind it, so before you get down to typing curses at the founders, take a back seat and ensure that everything is in place.

Ensure that you take a look at everything, be it your internet connection, the storage left on your device or even bugs.

Ensure that your application is updated and that you have the latest version.

This reduces the chances of getting bugs and other kinds of disruptions.

Once the application is updated, you can easily reopen the application and see if it is working. Ideally, by this time your problem would be solved.

If you still have trouble with uploading content, check whether the content is alright.

How To Check If Instagram Is Down

There are times when the media files are so heavy that it takes a while to process them and if your phone doesn’t have enough storage, the app might crash.

The best way to know whether the application is down or not is by checking the “Help” page.

This official page allows users to verify whether the issue they’ve been having is on their end or if it is the application which is misbehaving.

The help page also has numerous sections which can guide the user in case the problem persists.

You can even send bug reports to the customer executives.

There are common issues such as the inability to refresh the feed or post pictures.

Since the app is used by millions of millions of people, it can be quite hard to handle so many requests at a time.

Another area where you can dive in to investigate and check is the Error message.

If your gadget is displaying a message such as that, ensure to keep all the steps in mind.

There are also numerous websites which allow you to know when the application is down.

Checking those can be helpful too. A quick and easy way to ensure that there are no issues on your end can be by deleting the cached data on all the apps that you own.