5 Instagram Marketing Trends Marketers Must Know for 2019

One of the most used and most popular social media platforms, Instagram have truly changed and evolved tremendously over the years.

5 Instagram Marketing Trends Marketers Must Know for 2019

The once image-centered social media platform is now considered a new digital marketing trend which is commonly called by business experts as Instagram marketing that transformed this social media platform into something else that is driven towards a new door for many businesses to promote and sell their products to the more meticulous consumers.

Each new feature brings a lot of something new that furthermore creates a transparent view of the brand’s products through influencers who do not just market it, but also create honest reviews and ratings of the products they have tested.

Earlier, Instagram marketing was used to be limited only to branded posts and content, however, it totally changed when influencer marketing was introduced by popular Instagram influencers and personalities by adding products through their Instagram stories where brands have also found another way to promote and market their products.

This year, the latest addition, the Instagram TV or IGTV have provided a great option for long-form vertical videos that further strengthens the grip of influencer marketing.

Due to the great nature of Instagram marketing and the platform itself, you should read and learn the best trends of Instagram marketing.

Growing Popularity

Over the years, Instagram have emerged to become one of the most important social media platforms, but nobody thought that it would also become a top choice for many consumers especially when it comes for online selling.

Also, it is not just a limited brand that adds directly the links for products, but there is an entire community of companies and online sellers that exclusively sells through this social media platform.

Vertical Videos

Because the majority of the people around the world are increasingly dependent on mobile usage and social media platform accessibility and internet browsing, the emergence of vertical videos have also paved its way into the mainstream social media capabilities through Instagram.

Vertical videos that you can view and watch in Instagram’s IGTV also promotes products and services from influencers through influencer marketing strategy.

Instagram Stories Gains more Traction

5 Instagram Marketing Trends Marketers Must Know for 2019

Instagram stories which were first launched in 2016 has become an important part of Instagram especially it’s marketing side because a lot of brands have leveraged many stories that it features in many creative ways that entice many consumers to purchase online.

A hub for Influencer Marketing

If you would notice, brand-influencers who collaborate with different brands and companies who want to promote their products in a different way continues to become a strong pillar for most marketers that use Instagram.

A lot of these influencers’ contents are also considered authentic and honest to the brand’s products which have become a great factor that contributes to the improved digital marketing industry.

Great Additional Features

Instagram continues to evolve and add more exciting and user-friendly features that surprise and mesmerizes users around the world.

It will continue to add more innovative and very useful features that everyone can benefit.