Why Are Influencers Becoming More And More Important

The influencer is a figure that has gained more than notable relevance over the years.

Why Are Influencers Becoming More And More Important

More and more companies are turning more frequently to this type of characters in order to carry out marketing campaigns that know how to empathize even more with their target audience.

In fact, during 2017, almost 48% of the world’s brands increased their budget related to influencers, demonstrating once again that this trend will continue to boom in the coming months without a doubt.

But what are the reasons for this real boom that has made thousands of young people of all ages want to become influencers? And why are more and more companies relying on this figure?

If you are curious about any of these issues, we encourage you to pay close attention to the following lines.

  1. Influencers create engagement.
  2. Create a more direct message to a younger audience.

1. Influencers create engagement

The mere relationship of influencing a prestige brand will make the customer or user directly sympathize with the product or service being sold.

It should be noted that most influencers are young people who tend to have the same tastes, needs and concerns as their target audience.

This is why they always feel identified with the figure of influencer from the very first moment.

For this reason, many companies contact ‘YouTubers‘ or ‘Instagramers‘ when advertising their products or services and thus connect with the “millenials”.

For example, textile fashion companies turn to models or simply to boys or girls who have more than a considerable number of followers in their respective social networks in order to create ‘engagement’ in a much more direct way or without the need to spend a disproportionate budget through other means.

2. Create a more direct message to a younger audience

Gone are the days when television or the press copied a large part of advertising messages. Companies have realized that they have to abandon conventional media to emphasize mobile devices.

And that is where the figure of influencer comes into the picture, where its protagonism is intimately linked to its presence on the Internet and the great use it makes of smartphones, computers or tablets, peripherals to which they are always connected through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In this sense, if a company resorts to this type of relevant figures of the network, it will have the opportunity to transmit a message much more direct and above all adapted to its target audience in particular.

Influencers generate conversation

As we have already commented, influencer is able to connect in a much more direct way with its target audience.

But its influence does not end exclusively at the moment a particular campaign is launched.

Such people are also capable of generating conversation about the brand in question over a considerable period of time.

Any issue, action or debate they generate is likely to “going viral” in a matter of hours due to the number of followers they have.

And that’s where the most renowned brands and companies use this vein to talk about their product or service for as long as possible.

What is the best way to leverage an influencer?

Why Are Influencers Becoming More And More Important

Now that we have known in depth the figure of the influence and the relevance that it has in the companies and companies of the moment, next, we are going to figure out what can be its real utility in the present time:

  • When it comes to making a brand known for the first time. In this way, we ensure that the company in question relates directly to the figure of the influencer, thus creating a large “legion” of followers in a very short space of time.


  • When a product or service is launched. More and more brands resort to an influence when advertising a new product or service. In this way, they ensure that it is “associated” with the influence in question.


  • They are very useful in events. Due to the great relevance that can have a person of this type today, many companies usually invite them to events of certain social relevance so that you can be in more direct and personal contact with your target audience.