What Is Microblogging? And Why Do You Need A Microblog In 2020?

Our opinion on a given topic, telling anecdotes that have happened or are happening at the time of writing. There are so many things we can write about in our daily lives that we could go on and on. What Is Microblogging? And Why Do You Need A Microblog In 2020?

What Is Microblogging? And Why Do You Need A Microblog In 2020?

However, nowadays there is a proliferation of immediacy. Condensed information so that the reader/follower can have the most important things in their mind. Then, if they wish, they can be informed more calmly about what you publish on your social network.

This is where the concept of microblogging comes in. We are going to explain and give examples that I’m sure you already know. And if you don’t know them yet, it’s never too late. Lets find out what they are and, why not? Start writing about them!

What is microblogging?

The term microblogging consists of the publication by users on the platform or social network that uses this technology to publish updates or short messages with the aim of sharing them as information to the public, either directly or indirectly.

This technique arose by joining social networks with blogs as we know them. Making a simile with the SMS that were sent so much not many years ago from our mobile phones. Condensation and diffusion in reduced size makes it easier to get information on mobile devices than through a common website.

The great novelty that microblogging brought was the possibility of publishing and disseminating anything in a wide variety of formats. Not only focusing on text and image, but extending the range to videos, audio messages and links to other websites.

What are the advantages of microblogging over a blog?

We assume that it is an easy way to contact your followers and know their opinion. Also that it allows you to share or comment on common ideas. Good content is usually shared by the community and with some luck it can even go viral.

Let us explain why switching to microblogging is a good idea:

  • It allows you to write content in a short period of time. Microblogging is about giving it a name as soon as possible. Your followers only need basic information, as opposed to a blog article. In a blog article the information must go into more detail about the topic. Therefore you must spend more time writing the post itself.
  • Offer a lot of information in a few characters. The idea is to be able to give information to mobile device users. Who for example go from their home to their workplace reading the press or watching their Twitter account from their mobile. The key is to give the data you want to transmit in a very short space.
  • Change the publication routine. In traditional blogs you bet on very high quality but low frequency (one article every 3-4 days, for example). While with microblogging more messages are sent although the quality can sometimes suffer, depending on the writing level of the sender of the message.

The search for pragmatism: immediacy is the mantra in this type of communication, so it is essential to send short messages that capture the user’s attention instantly.

Where can I start to implement microblogging?

If you want to get started right away and communicate with your customers through microblogging, you can use one of the following tools. I’m sure you’ve heard of more than one, but now you’ll see why they can be useful for your business:


What Is Microblogging? And Why Do You Need A Microblog In 2020?

Twitter, created back in 2006, has established itself as the reference and most popular formula when it comes to short text messages. At first, its creator, Jack Dorsey, wanted it to be used as a tool with functionalities similar to SMS. However, users gave it a twist and made Twitter bigger.

Users created their own jargon and thought about how to use the social network creatively. The @ symbol before the username became fashionable as a way to identify the person or account they wanted to reply to. After a while, the Twitter engineers had no choice but to implement into their systems something that their users had created from scratch.

Similarly, the famous hashtags or tags were created, which serve to pigeonhole our posts according to the subject, location or any other relevant variable. Ah! And don’t forget that since the increase in the number of maximum characters from 140 to 280, you can put more information in the same message and add video, photos or URLs as extra content at the same time.


Since its release in October 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular applications worldwide. Its ease of photo editing, the wide variety of filters it includes for publishing images on demand, and the ability to transform a low-light photo into an image almost fit for professionals, make this social network virtually unbeatable.

In addition, you can see what your followers have recently posted and the profiles you follow, as well as read the comments on each image. It also allows you to use tags in the comments of the photos so that more people can see them.


Tumblr is based on the operation of Twitter but applying less limitations in its system and offering features such as no limitations in the writing of texts.

A curiosity that has occurred over time is that visual content has gained a lot of ground in this social network, proliferating images or GIFs when commenting and responding to comments.

Some of the features it offers include:

  • It is possible to program the publications created by setting the time and date they should be viewed.
  • Ability to add tags to make it easier to locate your photos within Tumblr.
  • Edit the blog’s appearance using HTML code and use your own domain name.

Conclusion: we live in a constant ‘fashion’ for microblogging

From the moment that sending messages via our mobile phones became democratic, the wheel has not stopped turning. You publish anything and in seconds it is seen by all your followers and, if you have your public profile, even by thousands of people.

At a business level, this revolution has meant that the more people following you, the more reach your publications have (offers, promotions, new product launches, etc).

If your business gets a user to consider buying your products and gain their trust, there will come a point where they will recommend your products or services once they have proven first-hand that you offer quality, and the followers of that user will also see that you are reliable.

In short, we can say that microblogging is here to stay. As it has transformed the concept of connectivity that was previously held.

The key to this new model of communication is mobility. Not the obligation to sit in front of a screen to write what I use to think, but anywhere and at any time, a piece of news or simply a spontaneous thought can be shared.

That is where your business should take a turn and be better than your competition, it will be the best way to take advantage of the resources of this technology and therefore grow your business.