What Is A Digital Marketing Plan And How Is It Done? (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

  • Definition of Digital Marketing?
  • How to develop a digital marketing plan?

Define Strategy and Tactics

Once we have the objectives set, it is time to define what strategies and tactics to propose for achieving them.

The strategy is formed by a set of implemented actions whose purpose is to develop the marked objectives. An example of a strategy is, for example, the development of an Inbound Marketing or Linkbuilding campaign.

Tactics, are possibly the most work involved, has to do with the way and method of performing tasks. They are more specific tasks or functions, for example to make a post publish 2 daily publications in the Blog.

A clearer example of strategy and tactics is the following:

  • Strategy. Make a brand known.
  • Tactics. Create ads in the main online media, make an event, create a campaign in Google Adwords.

3. How to present a Digital Marketing Plan to customers?

Once we have the Digital Marketing Plan, we pass to make the final proposal that will be delivered to the client for later approval or not.

For this it is important to have a lot of creativity so that all the information collected can be shown in the best way, and so the client is convinced of what is being proposed.


The elaboration and presentation of the budget is one of the most determining actions when making the digital marketing plan, since a large proportion of the project that is presented depends on it.

In the budget is essential to explain all the details, broken down and justifying each action to be carried out.

The client needs to know what his budget is attributed to at all times, so don’t forget to list all the strategies and tactics.

4. How to Execute a Digital Marketing Plan?

At this point, synonymous with the fact that the plan has been approved by the client, the online scenario must be prepared where the tactics will be developed following the marked strategies.

The tasks at this stage are already oriented so that, when executing the actions marked in the marketing plan, everything is ready and we leave nothing in the hands of improvisation and we can execute everything without waiting for something to change or be done.

The most generic actions that can be highlighted at this point are the following:

  • Define the tone of communication.
  • Configure and design all the profiles and platforms where you have presence or want to have.
  • Define keywords.
  • Prepare a model report or Dashboard.
  • Create a calendar of actions to be carried out.

Once we have prepared the ground, it’s time to take action!

Everything marked in the digital marketing plan must be executed. For this, it is highly recommended to follow the calendar and that all affected departments work in the same direction.

If you have come this far and you have your digital marketing plan ready, we congratulate you and encourage you to create your first plan.

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