Viral: A Cosplayer And Influencer Sells The Used Water From Her Bathtub

Belle Delphine, a cosplayer and influencer of Instagram put the used water of her bathtub on sale, so that all her ‘fans’ can acquire it.

La influencer has four million followers on Instagram, 245,000 on Twitter and almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Besides this, it has a Patreon account with almost four thousand subscribers who pay to acquire its ‘exclusive content’ (erotic photos), and finally a private Snapchat that has the same purpose.

In the world there are all kinds of people, with infinitely different tastes.

Surely there are many individuals who would be delighted to pay the 30 dollars that one of the jars of their used bathing water costs.

Delphine started promoting her ‘product’ through a very suggestive video published in her Instagram account.

If you wish, for some reason, to purchase one of these bottles of Belle bath water, you can do so at Although apparently the demand has been such that they are out of stock.