Tricks To Get More Exposure On Instagram

Getting exposure on Instagram is vital. Be it a brand or an influencer – everyone creates content so that it can be seen by a massive number of people on Instagram.

Tricks To Get More Exposure On Instagram

There are times when brands or influencers may feel like they’re not getting the kind of exposure they deserve even after applying every possible tactic in the book.

Well, that’s exactly when these tips and tricks would help you out:

Follow a Strategy

Following a basic strategy is very crucial. You don’t want to have content which is all over the place.

People like to have access to things that can benefit them, which is why posting quick tips and tricks which benefit them in their daily lives can be a great way to get access to a wider audience.

Share original and unique content

New and fresh ideas are always given preference over old ones. Make sure that you’re not afraid to experiment.

There are several artists on Instagram who try the most different trends.

Take James Charles, for example, he’s quite well-known and has amassed a huge number of followers because of his exquisite makeup looks.

Promoting your Content

You would obviously need to promote the content you have on other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and much more.

What this does is, it brings in the audience from all these platforms to your Instagram page.

Doing so will allow you to have access to the audience on multiple platforms and have more viewership.

Using hashtags at the end of every post can help too.

When users search for that particular hashtag, they will be able to find your post.

Your motive should be to make your page popular enough so that it appears in the Explore section.

This section is for posts which are gaining attention and which are trending.

It would allow users from all over the world to know about your page.

This is the sole reason why you want your content to be eye-catching and trendy.


Tricks To Get More Exposure On Instagram

You definitely need to be consistent when it comes to posts. Posting consistently on these platforms makes sure that the users remain engaged and interested in the kind of content you have.

Furthermore, you can have posts which ask the users about their own interests.

For example, simply post a picture of a sunny day at the beach and ask your followers about their plans for the weekend.

This definitely allows the followers to have some sort of mutual respect for you and find you really trustworthy.

Scheduling your posts ahead of time can be helpful, too, in case you wouldn’t be able to post on time in the future.

If you’re going on a trip, make sure that you schedule posts through apps that you can find in the play store and keep your followers engaged.

Tag, you’re it

Make sure that you tag relevant users. But be careful, it’s better to tag a handful of people rather than spamming and tagging everyone you know.

If you’re wearing a dress by a brand, make sure that you tag the brand.

Likewise, you can tag multiple accounts.