Top TikTok Influencers To Start Following Now

If you want to start using the TikTok application but you get lost among so many profiles to follow, we make you a list with the best ones.

Right now, TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications from the Google Play Store.

A worldwide phenomenon that sweeps, above all, among the youngest, an application that allows them to feel like stars for a day and star in their own video clips.

If you’re old enough, it might sound like Chinese to you, and if you’re younger, but you’ve never logged in or downloaded the application, you may not know where to start researching.

For you, we have organized this special with the 10 TikTok profiles that you can’t miss and that you should follow, first of all, to know what this whirlwind is all about (formerly known as

Who are the 10 best TikTok creators in the world? Discover them below!


1. Mackenzie Ziegler


The little sister of the most viral dancer on the Internet, protagonist of Sia’s video clips, Maddie Ziegler is also a dancer, as well as a model, singer and actress.

She was also known for starring, along with her sister, for six years, in the reality show Dance Moms.

She is currently taking part in another reality show, the junior version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

2. Jayden Croes

One of TikTok’s biggest stars is the 19-year-old born in Aruba.

He has 13 million fans in the application and stands out for his openly humorous and youthful style, using numerous outfits and costumes to bring life to the craziest characters.

He started making his videos with the help of his brother and a friend.

3. Liza Koshy


We continue our journey through the best 10 profiles of TikTok with Liza Koshy, better known by her pseudonym Lizzza.

She began her journey towards stardom with the Vine application where she got more than 5 million followers thanks to her mainly comic style.

She also has his own channel on YouTube.

She has come to have his own television show, ‘Liza on demand’.

4. Savannah Soutas

Savannah Soutas began her career in show business dancing, and has ended up as a fashion blogger and a phenomenon in social networks.

She has a YouTube channel with her husband called Cole&Sav. In 2016 she was considered the best user of, before it became TikTok.

She is also a renowned photographer. As you can see, she is a multidisciplinary woman who you can follow in the steps of the application of TikTok.

5. Gil Croes

More than 15 million fans in TikTok endorse the unique and personal style of Gil Croes, brother of Jayden, also known user of the application and named in this article a little earlier.

Gil Croes is also an actor, winning the Best Actor award at the Aruba Short Film Festival in 2015, the year he was named ‘Aruba Social Network Star’

The following year, he was named Comedian of the Year on He has worked as a model and did numerous comedy sketches that were uploaded to Facebook, becoming tremendously popular.

6. Dallas Cameroon


Cameron Dallas rose to fame, like so many other application partners, thanks to the sadly disappeared Vine.

He is an actor, youtuber, singer and model from the United States. He began his career in 2013, promoting himself through Vine and a year later he was already starring in his own film, ‘Expelled’.

He has participated in three television series, one of them broadcasted on Netflix.

He currently lives in his facet as a model, which combines uploading videos to TikTok and delighting millions of fans around the world.

His physical attractiveness is undoubtedly one of Cameron Dallas’ strong points.

7. Kristen Hancher

Influencer of social networks who is also a dancer, actress and singer. In Instagram she has more than 5 million followers thanks to her modeling and beauty sessions.

In the application of TikTok treasures already more than 20 million fans becoming very popular lyp sinc that made the song of Nicki Minaj ‘Regret In Your Tears’.

Of course, you can also follow her on her own YouTube channel, named after herself, where she posts make-up tutorials, among other content.

8. Baby Ariel

Under this name of niece of the Little Mermaid hides a singer who has gained enormous fame thanks to the content created in social networks and, especially, in the application of TikTok.

She was the first user of the music application to surpass the line of 20 million fans worldwide.

Recognized also by the publication Time as one of the most influential people on the Internet and in 2017 joined the Forbes list of entertainment personalities.

If you’ve never heard of her, now you have a good opportunity to get to know her work thanks to TikTok.

9. Loren Gray


Nominated in 2016 and 2018 to the Teen Choice Awards, Loren Gray is a very recognized personality in social networks, especially in the musical application of TikTok.

She recently released his first single as a singer, ‘My Story’.

She currently has 30 million fans in the app, who follow his new music videos every day. She was one of the first people to become celebrities thanks to the appearance of

Together with Baby Ariel and other Internet personalities he formed a collaborative YouTube channel called ‘Our Journey’.

10. Lisa And Lena

They were the first account to reach 20 million followers.

They are two twins from Germany who, one day, decided to upload a video dubbing a song for their closest friends.

Their lives changed forever, reaching such a level of popularity that now they enjoy their own brand of clothing for teenagers (both are 15 years old).

They are so famous in the application that it is estimated that 10% of its users are followers of the musical duo.

If you want to know what is the secret of their success just follow them in the application.

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