Tools To Manage Various Social Networks And Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has become an indispensable part of business growth and social networks play a key role in this regard.

Tools To Manage Various Social Networks And Marketing Campaigns

More and more agencies are emerging that offer services for the management and monitoring of networks.

However, in many cases, these agencies do not have the right tools to carry out these tasks properly.

That is why today, at SwipeTown we are going to recommend 5 platforms that will help your marketing agency, or simply your work as Community Manager, to develop more effective campaigns in social networks.

Also, remember these four tips to succeed in the digital marketing sector in 2019, so that your online presence is stronger than ever.

  1. Nuvi.
  2. Sendible.
  3. Rival IQ.
  4. SproutSocial.
  5. Awario.

1. Nuvi

Nuvi is an online platform that allows you to manage the visualization, planning and publication of content on social networks.

In addition, through Nuvi it is possible to analyze the data of the users who visit your social networks, such as their demographic division, location, etc.

In addition, Nuvi has options to help teams. In this sense, the platform allows the administrator to give permissions to different members of a team to access or modify certain areas of the web.

In Nuvi team members can send each other messages and assign tasks, and the app also has a history of all changes made so that the administrator knows when and by whom they were made.

In social networking, Nuvi allows you to manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, VK and any blog. In fact, the platform offers recommendations from influencers based on the qualities of the brand and also allows comparing the performance of publications with those of a competitor company.

But, without a doubt, the best attribute of this platform is the high quality of its infographics and documents.

In fact, Nuvi allows users to select an option to receive a report of their statistics by mail. This in particular makes it easier for many marketing companies to present the results of their work to customers.

Nuvi is available for download in its Demo format for all users. However, in order to purchase the app, users must directly consult the platform.

2. Sendible

This is a platform designed especially for marketing and advertising agencies. In this sense, Sendible allows you to keep the networks of each of your customers in a unified inbox.

This means that the user can manage different accounts in the same app from one place.

In addition, with respect to group work, the platform allows you to create tasks for colleagues, view group calendar updates and even track team performance based on individual response times.

Sendible also offers content suggestions taking into account the analysis of the publications previously made in each social network.

Likewise, the platform allows the administrator to integrate Sendible with Google Analytics to see the influence of networks on web traffic and vice versa.

Sendible costs $199 per month for small marketing agencies and $299 per month for larger groups.

3. Rival IQ

Rival IQ functions as a traditional platform for social network analysis and includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

In this sense, the platform not only shows data about the performance of publications and audience growth, but also allows you to set notifications that alert each time a competitor’s account gets many interactions.

In addition, Rival OQ also tracks the performance of promoted publications and, as with social network profiles, it also tracks the performance of publications promoted by rival companies.

Finally, the platform is very useful for content creation, as it shows the hashtags most used in the industry in which the brand in question performs.

Rival IQ is priced at $349 per month, however, the platform offers a free 14-day version.

4. SproutSocial

Tools To Manage Various Social Networks And Marketing Campaigns

Like Sendible, SproutSocial is a multi-client social network management platform.

That is to say, it allows to manage from the same place different profiles of the same social networks, corresponding to the different clients.

SproutSocial allows you to monitor messages, comments, interactions and publications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Even, the platform allows tracking the publications promoted in Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, through its internal editor, SproutSocial also allows users to edit images and text directly on the platform.

This is very useful as it eliminates the need to resort to other apps to edit content.

On the other hand, the platform has a “send time optimization” function, which analyzes the periods of greatest interaction of the audience to know exactly when is the best time to publish and make sure it is possible.

Beyond analyzing publications and establishing a record of political campaign performance, SproutSocial also analyzes other elements such as impressions, the feeling behind brand mentions, etc.

The advanced plan of this app costs $249 per user per month, but also features a free 30-day trial.

5. Awario

Awario is a tool that allows users to monitor and know the most relevant information on social networks, forums, blogs, etc..

In addition, this platform has a space to monitor the mentions or keywords addressed to your client.

In this sense, the platform offers up to 50 alerts and the collection of hundreds of mentions, which allows administrators to keep abreast of the media presence they exercise with the profiles of their customers.

To ensure that your users only receive the most relevant mentions, Awario has a search system that can be modified according to the user’s preferences and keywords.

In terms of prices, Awario’s business plan costs $299 per month, although it also allows a free trial.