Tips To Show A Brand That You Are An Influencer

Do you upload a photo to Instagram and up to the minute have hundreds of likes? Is your blog getting more and more visits? Are your tweets getting more and more popular? Has your latest YouTube video reached 30,000 views (and you’re still hallucinating)?

Tips To Show A Brand That You Are An Influencer

If you answered yes to one of these four questions…bingo! Either you’re an influencer, you know it and you’re taking advantage of it or quite the opposite: Even if you start to suspect that ‘something’ is happening you still haven’t considered how to take advantage of it.

If you are in the second case and have finally decided to take the step to start taking advantage of your influence and talent through collaborations with brands, this post is for you.

Before going on to list the tips that SwipeTown has developed to start showing the world, brands and online talent seekers that your content likes and that your opinions are taken into account, the first thing you have to do is start believing it. Yes, it’s that simple (or complicated).

They say that a blogger, YouTuber, gastronomic journalist or Instagrammer start to have more value for brands when they think as such and when they build their online presence accordingly.

But let’s get to the point. How do you increase your online visibility so that brands notice you? Here are our humble – and hopefully useful – tips:

1. Be active in (all of) your social profiles.

No, it’s true that we haven’t discovered the gunpowder and that it’s first influence online but it’s true that you don’t always pay attention to all channels equally.

For example, if your ‘center of operations’ is the blog do not forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram. The more the better.

Brands pay a lot of attention to these small efforts that make a difference.

Don’t forget the newer networks where not only the top but also the brands are already.

Snapchat is an example but you know that this world does not stop evolving so be attentive to all the news.

2. Think about #hashtags.

A good publication about your content on social networks is useless if you don’t ‘distribute’ it well. Especially on Instagram, not having the right tags can make you go unnoticed especially in the niche or sector you’re positioned.

It sounds like a truism, but it’s not. If, in addition, you are using a certain brand, don’t forget to tag it. If you are identified as an influential follower of the brand is more likely to ask that in the next campaign you are better than another who does not feel that affinity for their product that you have demonstrated.

3. Show the world who you are.

Tips To Show A Brand That You Are An Influencer

The most valuable thing about a person with online influence is the ability to resonate his message among the audience.

Brands are looking for prototypes of influential people who can align with their brand so don’t forget to highlight those characteristics that make you belong to a particular consumer group.

For example, a brand is looking for middle-aged ‘urban’ mommy bloggers who are ‘unstoppable’ and like the décor. If you’re in that group of chosen women, you’ve probably worried about showing that you live in a city, that you have children of school age, that you love to go looking for objects to decorate the house, and that you publish regularly on your blog.

4. Find your niche.

Brands want people who are highly specialized and focused on one topic. So if lifestyle is your thing, don’t spend one day talking about your car and another about a new restaurant.

Be consistent with the categories of your blog. You’ll make it easier for anyone who wants to hire you, although that doesn’t mean that there’s also room in your channels for things that you like and are interested in as well. More would be missing! 😉

5. You’re worth it! Show your work.

The world has to know how creative and good you are at your job. So if there’s a post, a video or a recipe that you’re particularly proud of, we recommend that you not only promote it on your social networks (including reporting that it’s been one of the most viewed, etc.), but add it to a tab of ‘great hits’ or ‘outstanding work’ so that the brand can see it as a cover letter when it accesses your site.

Don’t forget also to have a good Media Kit prepared. It’s like your online resume and the more attractive you make it, the easier it will be for the person looking for you to find you 😉.

Ah! And don’t be ‘grabby’… invest if you have to! Just as you think about photos, so do this valuable content.

6. Fan of your fans: Get to know your audience very well.

A brand is one of the first things you will look for: if your audience fits your target. For example, it’s not the same if you’re a 35-year-old blogger who has an audience of girls her age who are teenagers.

Campaigns have a very specific target and if it doesn’t fit your followers they won’t count on you. In fact, it’s important that you know because in many cases the brands themselves will know you.

How can you meet your fans? Through YouTube’s comments or even doing a small survey to find out their profile. The win is total: Your followers will appreciate that you care about them and the brands will take into account the knowledge you have about your followers.

7. You, your best communication agency

Disseminate the interviews they do to you, your participation in programs, etc. There is no better way to show the world that you are interested than to show the interviews or reports that have been done in the media, blogs, etc.

Your audience and the brands will like to know that you arouse interest and it will also help them get to know you a little better. But don’t be too ‘heavy’ either. Between ‘cool’ and spam there is sometimes a thin line that is very easy to cross.

8. Everyone has a writer inside: Send your contributions

There are many media looking for people with a lot of expertise. It is a very good option to spend time developing quality content for media looking for this type of collaboration.

It’s not going to be a big effort for you, and although in many cases they won’t have an economic remuneration, it will help you to have a greater online presence and your prescription will be even more valued. The more specific the media, the better.

9. Align yourself with other influencers.

Unity is strength. The other influencers in your sector are not your competition. Don’t see them as such.

You can always learn from other content creators so encourage encounters with other bloggers who make the brands, sign up for parties that invite you and take care to meet the people who are aligned with you.

If you are a sociable person this will help forge a more complete image of you as an influencer 2.0.

10. Size doesn’t matter (so much).

Tips To Show A Brand That You Are An Influencer

It is the eternal debate between influence and engagement. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of followers if they are of quality and your opinion is very much among them.

Brands sometimes seek to influence a TOP but not all of you have to be in that niche. It is more important that you take care and worry about the quality and frequency of the updates than to amass uncontrolled fans.

So you know. If you’re hesitating to do so, more and more companies are turning to profiles like yours to get their message out to the world.

Make it easy with these tips that can become an interesting source of income or what’s best, the springboard to recognition and that job you’ve always dreamed of. Good luck! And don’t forget… Be influential, my friend.