Tips To Generate Content As A Professional Influencer

If you are an influencer and are building your own personal brand through social networks, you are surely looking to create a lasting relationship with your followers from the creation of your own content.

Tips To Generate Content As A Professional Influencer

Also, if you are going to take the step of starting collaborations with brands for the promotion of products, you could use some tips to generate content as a professional influencer.

That said, you’ll know that the rise of social networks has achieved that ordinary people get the recognition of thousands of people, becoming a reference within online communities.

Surely your beginnings were to talk about your personal tastes or give visibility to your work through content.

You are a digital leader and your power is based on credibility, closeness and empathy.

You have the power to create communities of followers in networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat or blogs by means of bi-directional communication. Not bad, huh?

But what secret and magical formula do instagrammers have for success? How do they create inspiring and successful content?

It may be simpler than you think and in this article we want to tell you the basic principles to create content that any good influencer can put into practice.

  1. Define your identity and style.
  2. Plan your content strategy.
  3. Each type of content with its social network.
  4. Your content must be sincere, original and consisten.

1. Define your Identity and Style

Tips To Generate Content As A Professional Influencer

This point is key and although it sounds like psychologist’s advice, it is elementary that you have a clear identity and a unique style.

There is no point in copying and paste another influencer, followers look in social networks for unique people who offer real content.

It is not appropriate to equate influencers with popularity because what is important is the quality of the community and the engagement that is generated, beyond the number of followers.

Always remember to be close, natural and credible without leaving aside the quality of the content.

So don’t insist on seeing the mobile just to see if a new follower has entered, if you are creating content with your own style and interact with your followers you will surely start to cultivate your own community.

2. Plan your content strategy

When we talk about planning, we are mainly referring to the constancy of the publication of contents.

To engage your audience and have loyal followers, you must update your content with some recurrence.

For example, the Argentinian YouTuber Lucas Castel, with almost 3 million subscribers, uploads new content to YouTube on a weekly basis, announcing on his channel that he has new videos every Friday.

This perseverance allows his followers to be aware of his content and create a routine follow-up, which translates into rewards when it comes to winning followers.

3. Each type of content with its social network

Tips To Generate Content As A Professional Influencer

There are instagramers, there are YouTubers, Facebook lovers and Twitters.

Many of them choose a favorite social network to generate their most valuable content and use other social networks as complementary channels.

Instagram is the preferred one, where normal reference girls predominate due to their style and their way of life, reaching millions of likes with each photo.

  • In YouTube she uses a colloquial and spontaneous language, with a way of speaking of your own way of being and she uses changes of entertaining and very graphic images. If you don’t have the complete audiovisual equipment, avoid recording outdoors as street noise can easily get into the recording.
  • In Instagram look for your leitmotiv, your muse, your inspiration and transmit the message in images and videos of short duration. Use Instagram applications like Boomerang or Pixlr to give it a different touch with cool filters. Take advantage of Instagram Stories and create little stories that encourage people to follow a hashtag or a specific place.
  • If you’re more of a Twitter fan, you can quote your followers at a certain time to have discussions and invite people to ask their questions.
  • And on Facebook, the “heavyweight” social networking with more than 2200 million active users per month, try diversifying your content formats such as videos, contests, photos and links.

4. Your content must be Sincere, Original and Consistent

Tips To Generate Content As A Professional Influencer

Poor content can be content that is poorly edited, not owned by you, or not entirely true. The mantra is composed of three elements: sincerity, originality and coherence. Ohmmm!

  • The sincerity ahead, for you and with your social networks. Consider that 74% of consumers base their purchase decision on social media channels, according to SproutSocial. A significant figure both to think about the veracity of your content and if you want to monetize your activity promoting brands. If you collaborate with a brand, you must indicate it and tell the experience in a natural and real way. Your followers value your transparency.
  • Simply be yourself and you will activate your originality and is that there is nothing sexier than the safety of people, so you do not need to copy another influencer to be successful.
  • Act accordingly with what you express and with your ideas, that is to say, you must maintain a logical relationship between what you publish and your actions. This is what we mean by the coherence of your content. If you are the image of a brand or a Brand Ambassador, your contents have to be in tune with your values and with what you like to express.

With these simple tips you can make your content succeed and position your personal brand online.

Remember, good practices and quality are important to generate content as a professional influencer and your followers will start coming like bees to a honeycomb ?.