Tips To Boost Your Makeup Business Instagram Account

According to statistics, it is estimated that only in Latin America there are a total of 32 million women registered in social media. Get the best Tips To Boost Your Makeup Business Instagram Account

Tips To Boost Your Makeup Business Instagram Account

Although obviously not all of them correspond to your Buyer Persona, can you see the opportunity you have in this platform?

So, take these tips into account and get ready to generate more makeup sales by Instagram.

1. Have an optimal profile

If you have a makeup business it’s because you know that appearance and first impression DO matter.

That’s why it’s important that your profile or cover letter is as complete and in the best possible condition.

Some points you can not miss:

  • Profile photo. Make your profile photo the logo of your business, but if it has too many elements try to make only your name that is clearly seen in the image. The less, the more. Remember that it will be your profile image for which you will be recognized in the news feed.
  • Write a simple biography. It should be simple but contain in a few lines who you are, what you offer and what to do to get it.
  • Use a hashtag. If you have a hashtag created by you that has the name of your business much better, because people will begin to recognize you by this element and you will be able to use it in the future for contests and other events.
  • Create a business profile. Both to check your account statistics and to promote Instagram, it is important that you have a business profile that allows you to connect with more followers.
  • Link it to your eCommerce. It can be a link to your virtual makeup shop or to your website so that your consumers know more about the lines you offer or those that are available.
  • Enter your phone number and address. The company profile allows you to place the famous “Call” and “View address”. Through them, your consumers will be able to see your physical location on a map, if you have one.

For your profile to be 100% optimal, it is necessary that the colours and your entire feed are in sync.

Try that the photos of the makeup you offer are on a clean background, are taken from a good angle and have excellent quality.

No one will want to acquire makeup if the photo is blurred or focused from a place full of things that detract from the protagonism of the product.

2. Make your makeup several stories

Tips To Boost Your Makeup Business Instagram Account

The outstanding stories have been part of the sustained growth that has had Instagram in this last time, and is that in just 15 seconds you can do storytelling and connect more directly and informally with your followers.

The Instagram stories allow you to add links to the products you offer since 2017, so your users will get a “see more” at the end of the image or video (the lower part).

Since the Instagram algorithm measures your interaction with your audiences, if you want more people to see your makeup business, you have to answer direct messages and get more users to mention you in their own stories.

In addition, it is recommended for the sake of an optimal profile that you place categories in your featured stories, because it will be the first thing your Buyer People will see.

You can place, for example: New Releases, Shadows, Labials, Matte, X brand name, Events, etc.. Everything is left to your creativity and the style of your brand.

Another strategy is to use stickers and especially “Ask me a question”. It has been proven that this sticker gains more interaction than any other.

Take advantage of talking to your followers and answer all their questions about your business.

3. Take advantage of Instagram TV

Instagram TV is a new app of Instagram’s own company that has the mission of being YouTube’s competition, because just as this platform has video channels that can be shared on the same social network.

The advantage of these videos over stories is that their life time is not just one day, and its duration can be more than 15 seconds.

Therefore, take advantage of the benefits of this application to provide more and better content formats to the users of your Instagram makeup account.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make tutorials or “How to”. You can use your makeup line to show your users new techniques, or give a small course on how to use natural makeup to go to work every day, for example.
  • Have guests. You can invite well-known make-up artists to use your products on some girls and show the results in an Instagram TV video.
  • Show your events. If you have an event you will attend or just have a booth at a fair, show what you do and how you do it. Lose your fear of the camera!

4. Hold a contest

People love things for free and your customers are not left behind.

If you have a new product, do not hesitate to increase your followers in Instagram by holding a contest in which you invite your consumers to use your hashtag and mention other friends to participate.

It’s a good idea to ask the winner to place her prize in a story so that you can share it and others can see that you’ve done what you promised.

This is just an idea, you can exploit your creativity by having your followers make up stories around your makeup or briefly say what they would do with your new line, and let the wittiest one win!

5. Collaborate with an influencer

It doesn’t have to be a make-up influencer, it can be someone you think is in tune with the values of your brand and responds to your personality and style in Instagram.

Nor does it necessarily have to have millions of followers, there are micro influencers that, even if they only have a thousand followers, it turns out that they have the audiences that correspond to your niche.

This collaboration doesn’t have to be monetary either; you can offer them free makeup samples, discounts or simply give them a gift just for promoting your product in their Instagram accounts.

6. Conclusions

In conclusion, Instagram is the ideal social network for your makeup business, you just have to creatively exploit its features and offer content that is shared by your followers.