Threads, The New Instagram Feature To Share Intimacy With Your Best Friends

The Instagram stories have become very important on the app. For some users, even more than the posts themselves.

So Facebook, in view of that, is thinking about taking it one step further. And that’s what it’s trying to do with Threads.

We don’t know if the project will be carried out or not in the end, but the idea doesn’t look bad.

Threads is an app that will bring together the Instagram stories and direct messages in a single application, thus creating a Snapchat-like operation.

Threads. The new Instagram app

Threads, The New Instagram Feature To Share Intimacy With Your Best Friends

This new app would be designed to be complementary to Instagram and will use the same account you already have.

On the app as we have said you could see the stories of your friends, answer them and chat with them. Especially your best friends.

You will see the active users with a green circle (if they want) and you will be able to see and upload stories from there, at least send them to your best friends. Stories or messages will also be displayed on Instagram, without the need for Threads.

Broadly speaking, the idea is to have the stories in a different application, but keeping the functionality of the original app, so it won’t be mandatory to have it, or so we think. But the idea is similar to Facebook Messenger.

But that’s not all Threads wants to offer, and that’s that it also wants to contribute something you wouldn’t have in Instagram’s own app.

Share information with your best friends

But the main interest of this app is to share information with your best friends on Instagram.

It will be done automatically, and will share things like location or speed. But not 100% accurate if you don’t want to. You can notify your friends that you’re on the move. Respecting your privacy a little more.

This is for Best Friends anyway. It depends on the user the number of best friends you have selected in the popular social network of photography. But you may give a second life to this option through this new application.


What we don’t know is whether the project will finally be approved and launched. As far as we know they are testing it with Facebook and then we will decide if the project goes ahead or not.

And what do you think? Do you think it’s a good idea? Would you download and install on your mobile this app having already downloaded Instagram? Leave us your opinion on what you think in the comments!