Things You Don’t Know About Lele Pons

Lele Pons happened to be one of the most popular female viners in the entire world.

Things You Don't Know About Lele Pons

In fact, Time magazine awarded with the tag of the most influential teen.

She stepped on the ladder of success at quite a young age and that is how her journey began.

Vine was taken offline and even though, a lot of people lost their fame, Lele Pons was determined to share her views with the world which is why she decided to post videos on her Youtube Channel.

The 21-year-old started making Youtube videos which were hilarious and youngsters started to connect with her even more.

Vine definitely gave her the big break that she needed. She started exploring the world of Youtube and soon enough, she wrote her first book which inspired many teenagers.

She is already the brand ambassador for CoverGirl.

Another reason why her audience connects with her so much is that she was a victim of bullying like several other teenagers.

She was not always as famous as she is right now and had very little friends.

She has also confessed that she was bullied for being weird. She also confessed that she’s extremely proud of being a nerd.

Things You Don't Know About Lele Pons

When she discovered Vine, she found out about this other side of hers and she started becoming popular at her school.

Every day, she saw that her views were increasing rapidly and she loved what she was doing.

Lele Pons is actually a Latino who moved with her family to the US when she was a child.

Lele had to learn to adjust to her new life and to the new surroundings. She also shared that since she was dyslexic, she faced a huge problem.

Since she couldn’t speak English very well, she had a problem with talking to people and opening up to them.

Like several other immigrants, she was excluded from a lot of activities and faced racism.

She had to struggle to learn the language and talk to people easily.

She was only 15 when her Vine account started gaining all that popularity.

Even though she didn’t plan it, she became popular instantly. Despite having a tough childhood, her future seemed brighter than ever.

Lele Pons also said that she didn’t know very well how social media worked and she is definitely not a professional when it comes to it.

She was simply having fun when it all took a wild turn when her friend encouraged her to speak up about her experiences on other platforms as well.

Her book Surviving High School is still quite popular with school-goers who are scared about going to school on the first day.

Lele Pons says that even though she’s famous, fame is not everything to her.

She enjoys doing what she does and strives to be a better person. Overall, Lele is definitely a sweetheart with a heart of gold who has a long way to go.

It’s quite right to say that her future looks extremely bright as of now.