Things You Don’t Know About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star; If you haven’t heard that name yet, where have you been living? Jeffree Star has a whole line of cosmetics apart from a really sassy and funky fashion sense.

Things You Don’t Know About Jeffree Star

His hair is absolutely gorgeous and the number of tattoos adds to his persona. He’s definitely one of the most intimidating people.

While he’s already someone ruling the beauty industry, he’s not far behind in the music industry either. Born as Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, Jeffrey took up the surname “Star” as he turned into one.

Jeffrey started out almost two decades ago on MySpace. He began there and then moved on to become an influencer and makeup artist on YouTube before launching his eyeshadow palettes and other makeup supplies.

Presently, his line is doing exceptionally good as he plans to launch more products. His impact on the youth is truly evident by the fact that he has amassed a massive fan following.

The recent Shane Dawson Series on him and his life have left people shocked already and has gained more fans for Jeffrey.

Even though Jeffrey is gaining more popularity now, he’s had a past full of regrets. He’s made mistakes, but guess what? So has everybody else! Instead of rationalizing himself, Star chose the hard way and started by issuing an open expression of remorse for his past mistakes.

He also states that he’s a very different person at this point who is truly compassionate and considerate.

Things You Don’t Know About Jeffree Star

Jeffrey flaunts an array of hair colors, ranging from pink to beautiful platinum hair. Despite all the rumors, he’s said that he’s disappointed when the media calls him “gay”.

He also says that his mother has been the most supportive person in his life.

Jeffrey also does not drink or smoke but he does have quite a liking for.. Weed. It’s legal in his state, so don’t worry, he’s not breaking any laws.

He’s also one of the richest people in the industry and definitely one of those who prefers not to splurge their money.

Jeffrey is also working towards changing everyone’s view of cosmetics. He’s attempting to change what people think about makeup and giving the industry a more versatile persona.

According to him, makeup is not just a way to look better but it can also make a person feel good on the inside as well.

When he started out with makeup as a kid, he didn’t know what he was doing and how it would affect his future but he absolutely loved the idea of it and loved how you could turn into any character at any given point of time.

Most of the people who come across him always wonder what’s with his tattoos.

He is actually in love with tattoos and loves his skin in them.

In fact, every one of his tattoos has a story behind it. But that had never been the case, in fact, he hated his first tattoo so much that he got it removed!

In conclusion, he’s definitely somebody who is very inspiring, be it any industry.