Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is particularly well-known for his good looks and his attractive hair, which he dyed in a rainbow of colors.

Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Graceffa

In fact, he happens to be extremely good at creating humorous content and ensures that his audience connects with him on a deeper level.

The YouTube sensation is incredibly talented and has not one, but two YouTube channels.

These channels have millions of fans who regularly watch his videos. In fact, this fan following has allowed him to generate a regular stream of income and become one of the wealthiest YouTubers.

His Vlogging channel also includes bits and bobs about him and his life. He also ensures to make videos with his fellow YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg and her brother, The Psychic Twins among several others.

His other channel is a gaming channel where he reviews all sorts of fun games and shows his fans how he plays them and what his overall thoughts are about the game.

Despite the fact that his life may seem sorted and it may look like he has everything he needs, it has never always been the same for Joey. In fact, he has a very dark and sad past.

His mother happened to be a very heavy drinker. In fact, his childhood was spent coping up with his parent’s divorce and the issues around his mother’s drinking.

A while ago, he posted a video where he opened about his past and told his audience how they can manage the situation.

He also said that he had been taking care of an individual who harmed him quite frequently.

This indicates that he has also suffered from abuse. Even though generally his videos are extremely fun and have positive vibes, this one, in particular, took the crowd by surprise and he was greeted by thousands of viewers who not only sympathized with his situation but also related to it.

Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Graceffa

He also stated in another one of his videos that he had a hard time dealing with in learning disabilities.

This was caused when he ingested a tiny piece of the lead paint on the toys. He had to take specialized curriculum classes up until he was in high school.

As a majority of his viewers would know, Joey came out as being gay after posting two videos.

This allowed Joey to open up a bit more about his life and tell his stories.

On the brighter side, Joey has amassed quite a fortune after all this time.

Some claim that his income through various promotions happens to be over three hundred thousand bucks, every single year.

This does not include the income he gets through his videos or for attending events. But it’s quite easy to say this: He is definitely not short on cash.

Joey also has a book which is called “Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World” which was an instant hit among his fans and still happens to be a bestseller in popular stores.