Things Influencers Must Know Before Collaborating With Brands

There are so many Influencers in the market that it’s tough for brands to choose just one.

Things Influencers Must Know Before Collaborating With Brands

Likewise, there is so much competition that Influencers just agree to one collaboration after another without thinking about it.

Whether you’re a professional Influencer or if you’re planning to turn into one, here is everything you need to know before collaborating with a brand:

Don’t Fake It

Most brands usually ask Influencers about their following and how long they’ve been on the platform.

Make sure that you never lie about the number of viewers your blog has or the number of followers your account has. Additionally, be sure to not buy followers or have a fake influence.

Brands want real people who can bring them benefit. Likewise, you should ensure that you are genuinely hardworking and are not just in it for the monetary benefits involved.

Make sure that quality matters to you as much as it does to the brand.

Fulfill Your Commitments

Make sure that you have enough time in your schedule to fulfill what you’ve promised.

If you already have too many collaborations, make sure that you prioritize things accordingly and save enough time to work on the current one.

The best way to do this is to have a schedule. Planning beforehand saves a lot of time and energy.

Ensure that you don’t make promises that you cannot keep.

Furthermore, don’t oversell yourself.

If there is something you cannot do, mention it to the brand to stay on the safe side.

Be Clear

Ensure that you’re on the same page before you dive into a collaboration. You should let the brand know what you expect out of the collaboration.

If you feel like something is odd, make sure that you mention it beforehand. Learn about the brand and what the brand expects from you.

Make sure that you communicate through emails or texts as much as possible rather than phone calls.

This is because it’s always better to have a written note or some form of written proof of your communication.

Avoid Miscommunication

Things Influencers Must Know Before Collaborating With Brands

Make sure that everything is crystal-clear beforehand. If you’re not clear about something, ensure that you go over that with the brand’s executive. This helps to avoid miscommunication.

Don’t assume things on your own as you might end up falling into a deeper pit. Make sure that every rule is laid out beforehand.

Be original and let the brand know what you have in mind.


This is something that all Influencers, as well as brands, do. They over-expect.

One Influencer or One brand cannot change your business or give you exposure.

Just because you’re collaborating with a brand doesn’t guarantee that all brands will follow. It takes hours of hard work and effort to get the most basic results.

Brands shouldn’t expect an influencer to fetch them all the sales they possibly can.

The thing is that their reach is something they don’t have any control over.

Sometimes, people might fall head over heels in love with your products and sometimes they might not.