The Instagram Algorithm (2020)

If you’ve come this far, you want to study and know how the Instagram algorithm works in 2020. So, lets talk about The Instagram Algorithm (2020).

This will help you work better with your account and get more reach.

The first thing is that this is very difficult to know since Instagram only changes the algorithm once users have detected it and learned how to use it to their advantage.

The latest rumors are that this social network has been willing to remove likes from it. Which confirms that Instagram does not like users to use the algorithm to favour themselves and grow faster than usual.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t know what the Instagram algorithm is? Don’t worry, in this article we’re going to explain this and everything related to this process. Let’s go for it!

1. What is the Instagram Algorithm?

An algorithm is a logical process (by many called mathematical formula) that brings together several variables for its achievement.

In this case, Instagram created an algorithm that calculates which publications should be shown in each account and how many people should be shown the publications we make.

This algorithm is modified and refined as the social network advances, since this Instagram algorithm was made to decide which content has more value and thus show more the content that more people want to see (and not show the content that is not of interest to the most).

2. What this algorithm is really for?

The Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm serves to organize and filter the content uploaded by users.

This logical process serves to show only the content that interests each person. Its goal is to satisfy the user so that they stay inside longer.

According to Instagram this algorithm serves to achieve a truer community, rewarding its users and valuable content.

Although this is not always the case, it will improve thanks to new technologies and data processing.

3. How the Instagram algorithm works?

To know how the Instagram algorithm works, you must keep in mind that nobody really knows how it works.

I mean, Instagram is never going to teach the formula. And they do this so you don’t use it and crack the algorithm in your favor.

So, here I’m going to show you how the Instagram algorithm works, but without going into details that nobody really knows.

Especially because the algorithm will not depend on you, but on your content and how your community reacts to it.

The algorithm decides what is relevant for your audience through an evaluation of relevance, in which the following variables come into play:

A) The date.

Although all your contacts’ posts can be displayed, the truth is that the most recent posts are prioritized.

In the past, posts were sorted by date, not anymore, but more value is given and more recent posts are displayed.

B) Likes on your posts.

As we all know the importance of likes on this social network is important because they measure the impact of a publication.

So the more Likes, the more the algorithm will consider it important.

However, this has been exploited so much with fake accounts and purchased Likes that Instagram is considering not only not giving it that much importance but even taking it out

C) If your publications are saved.

The content that is saved gives value to your publication since it is content that a person wants to see not just once, but to see it sometime in the future because he or she has liked its information very much.

D) How many shares do your publications have?

As in the previous case, when a publication is shared it shows that the publication made is of interest to third parties who even share it and spread it to the rest of the community.

E) If your posts generates discussion.

If many people are participating in your post and commenting on it, the Instagram algorithm will take this into account and think that more people will want to participate in the post as it will be of interest to the community.

F) The connection history between users.

Instagram keeps a kind of list where it takes into account the actions and times of dedication of each user to another.

This generates an order of priority and interest that one user has towards another and shows him his publications above the others.

4. How to use the Instagram algorithm to our advantage?

To use the algorithm to our advantage, we would have to improve the connection with our audience and thus become more visible to our community.

So I’m going to give you 10 tips on how to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage:


  1. Quality is the most important thing. Don’t give priority to quantity but to quality.
  2. Use different types of publications. Videos and carousels have a greater reach than single-image publications.
  3. Repeat the format and style of the most successful publications. Once you find out what your audience is interested in, give them what they want.
  4. Publish at more convenient times to publish. There are times when your followers will not participate in your content as they will be on other tasks.
  5. Learn how to use hashtags correctly. Hashtags can help you make the algorithm much more widespread for your publications. Change them in every post. Include content, location, interest and niche hashtags. Measure which group of hashtags has had more diffusion and optimize that group.
  6. Seek to create a discussion with your followers. Not only is it enough to upload an audio-visual publication, but it must also have a description that would like to comment on it. Don’t forget to create paragraphs in the descriptions to make them more friendly and to respond to the messages.
  7. Encourage participation with your own stories, questions, polls, etc. Ah! People will see that you are attentive and will be encouraged to write to you.
  8. Enter the application frequently and participate in other Instagram communities and profiles. Don’t just wait for them to take action on your profile, but be active on others’. You know “what you give is what you get”.
  9. Be part of engagement groups. These are groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. where people with the same interest join and try to support each other with collective actions on Instagram.
  10. Create friendships. Instagram is a social network and there are people in all of them. Try to make it your goal to join this social network and make friends.

5. Tips to avoid being penalized by Instagram.

The algorithm has been in use for a long time so cheating is actually quite difficult, although many people managed to cheat at first.

Nowadays it’s better to work on your account without trying to do so as it can penalize you and block Instagram.

Actions that the algorithm can detect:

  • Purchase of followers.
  • Purchase of Likes.
  • Massive follow-up actions.
  • Massive Likes.
  • Mass Commenting Actions

You can try to force these actions with Instagram bots, but it’s not recommended because once you exceed their limits, Instagram will have you blacklisted and may even delete your account.


I hope I taught you what the Instagram algorithm is and how it works, now it’s up to you to improve your content and make the algorithm work in your favor.

I remind you that there are many applications that can help you improve your Instagram account.

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