The 4 Most Popular Publishing Trends On Instagram During 2019

  • Thanks to the visual nature of the platform, Instagram is one of the social networks where trends present the greatest changes.
  • Over the last five years, the proportion of adults using Instagram has grown by 400 per cent.

The 4 Most Popular Publishing Trends In Instagram During 2019

In social networks, trends come and go quickly. Especially on visual content platforms such as Instagram.

Although at first the native filters of the app were one of the elements that managed to give greater popularity and capitalize on the platform, now are not so current.

However, there is still a new way to experience this type of editing in content, both in ordinary users and in brand profiles, which apply different presets to their content.

In addition to the above, new applications and tools are now available to improve photos, videos and make a better edition in different publishing formats.

Although it can be difficult to keep up to date, maintaining an updated feed and knowing the editing trends that can be applied to Instagram can give a competitive advantage over what other profiles do. Finally, when users view content, they decide to reach or approach a particular profile for its level of interest.

Trends in editing for Instagram

In this 2019, there are a number of contents that are very popular and can attract the attention of different users.

The fact that the proportion of adults using Instagram has grown 400 percent over the past five years, according to data from the Pew Research Center, is an element that brands are now looking to leverage for more profit.

Now, it is more true than ever that users are taking advantage of Instagram’s features, such as carousel publications, to take full advantage of this type of photo collage.

According to the platform, these may be the best moves:

1. Collages for publications and stories

The 4 Most Popular Publishing Trends In Instagram During 2019

This year, it seems that instagrammers become much more creative with their collages, using new applications to merge images, videos, backgrounds and more.

For example, the Unfold application exploded in 2018 and started this trend, as it had a library full of modern templates to improve the Instagram stories.

While Unfold is still a popular option, the app that is catching the attention of users is StoryLuxe.

The tool includes a variety of dynamic templates including snapshot movies and the “Polaroid” style, as well as neon and floral arrangements and many more.

Collages work because they’re a great way to attract audiences and encourage participation with a profile, as followers have a reason to keep scrolling to the left and see how they connect all the photo files.

By creating a continuous photographic experience, they are more likely to reach the end of the publication. There is no doubt that this editing trend will continue at Instagram during 2019.

And it will undoubtedly improve the time users spend on publications, as it is one of the key factors that lead to a post performing better, depending on how the Instagram algorithm works.

2. Artistic filters: paint, shine and much more

The 4 Most Popular Publishing Trends In Instagram During 2019

Currently, Instagram users are showing their artistic side by adding elements such as paint strokes, glitter and other fun effects to their photos and publications.

The fact that the platform is multimedia automatically makes it a more eye-catching social network. This generates a great way to add important material to the platform.

One platform that can serve is A Design Kit, since it is presented as an excellent way to add life to images.

The app has stickers, backgrounds and realistic brushes that allow the user to draw textures or colors directly on your photos. At the same time, the app has a better way to create unique publications.

Another way Instagram users are adopting this trend is by adding a “mosaic” effect. With the Meitu app you can recreate this aspect, as it allows you to paint over the place where you want to add texture.

3. Retro content (film and granular photographic textures)

One of the most important photo-editing trends of the year is retro, which still appears in different user feeds this year.

In the middle of last year multiple accounts of the platform were dedicated to exacerbate the trend through the use of different filters, where the effect of film, “disposable cameras” and “vintage templates” were the winners.

Now, many profiles continue to make these their best option for launching content, so different tools and apps will come out to find new ways to recreate the vintage look during 2019.

4. The “no edition” edition

The 4 Most Popular Publishing Trends In Instagram During 2019

The word “authenticity” has taken on a new meaning.

In addition to being a marketing trend for different content strategies, customer service and social network management, Instagram has also capitalized as a new way of editing publications.

Now, instagrammers are applying it in their photo editing. During the first two months of this year, different photographs have been seen that at first glance have no edition, but really have a working strategy in the background to make the experience more enjoyable and genuine for users.

This, in the long run, makes users feel an affinity for the trend, since they perceive it as something real, as if it were an “ordinary” user.