The 4 Keys To Create Good Content. (Part II)

I speak about inspiration at: The 4 Keys To Create Good Content. Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain? (Part I). Today I will speak about The 4 Keys To Create Good Content.

The 4 Keys To Create Good Content.

Inform: You are always up to date with what is happening in your sector.

Man writing his media kit

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your niche, one of the things you will have to do is to inform your audience of everything that is happening in your sector.

You have to position yourself as a referent and for that you will need to be a great curator of content on the web.

The time has come to create Google alerts and investigate the latest developments in your sector. One tool I really like to use is Topsy. With it I can find links on a topic that more social mentions are receiving on the network. A way to find some inspiration and know what you’re talking about.

In short, you have to be a good miner to find the best sources of traffic that provide you with the latest information. Once you find that news you can translate it quoting the source or you can give your perspective on the subject it addresses.

Another option could be to carry out a study of your sector that you know your audience is interested in. This reminds me of a post published by Christian von Eitzen. He interviewed 28 bloggers to find out how long it took them to write a post. It was a very shared article and especially interesting and useful for everyone who has a blog.

The interviews also work very well. A way to bring a touch of freshness and first hand information from a relevant person in your area. Depending on the approach you give and the questions you ask your guest, it could also be a very inspiring post.

The 4 Keys To Create Good Content.

Teach: Solve all the doubts of your audience.

Girl writing her Media Kit

Find out what your target audience wants to learn and teach them how to do it through your content. All posts that begin with “how to win, 7 ways to win, 10 tactics, how to conquer, how to convince…” are articles on guidelines with a high impact on SEO. The posts you teach, are a good way to position yourself as an expert in that area.

An example of a blog that clearly teaches every day is QuickSprout. Neil Patel is co-founder of several companies such as Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. In addition to learning dozens of business lessons he is able to teach all his readers their marketing knowledge.

If you run out of ideas and have a minimal audience ask your readers. Don’t be afraid. They will tell you about their doubts and interests and with that information you will be able to develop new content. You can use tools such as Typeform, Quoners or Google Drive to conduct surveys on your blog.

You entertain and leave them with a good taste in their mouths.

The 4 Keys To Create Good Content

Video content is usually the most entertaining. I think there are companies that create content to entertain, inform and entertain their audience through video that are very good.

Another important component of an entertaining post is humor. It’s not easy, create fun content but if you want you can do it. Of these contents I like their fast pace and how much they can surprise an audience.

You can write a content with a more punk tone but try to get it to be yours, do not write in a way that does not go with you or in which you feel very forced.

Conclusion: Mix ingredients from time to time!

Writing quality content takes a lot of effort. Be authentic with your blog. Generate conversation with your audience.

Don’t lose focus and always ask yourself the same questions: what is the purpose of this post and what audience it is aimed at?

Each one of us, in our own style, feels better writing a type of content. Perhaps your goal is always to inform and for another blogger the important thing is to teach and entertain, all at once.

Mixing from time to time the ingredients I’ve talked about helps to create great recipes. Don’t be afraid and enjoy the good content.