The 4 Keys To Create Good Content. Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain? (Part I)

If you notice, before buying a product or service the vast majority of users on the Internet the first thing they do is look for information.

The 4 Keys To Create Good Content. Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain (Part I)

Companies have realized the door that opens thanks to the creation of contents in a blog. With this type of strategy they seek to create trust and credibility with the consumer.

It is a way of subtly approaching your potential customers so that in the future they will be more willing to buy.

At this point, talking about content marketing and copy-writing doesn’t come as a surprise.

Maybe you are even bored of hearing about it, but if you have a blog, you want to know all the keys to create good content.

When a person comes to your blog and is attracted by the design and what they are reading, in most cases they will seek to connect with you. There will be several reasons:

  • You have motivated them with an inspiring post.
  • You have informed them about something new.
  • Your content has been useful to them because it has taught them something new or has solved a doubt.
  • They found what they read entertaining.

After having read your content without being asked to do anything, they will seek to know more about you. Probably the next thing they will do is sign up for your newsletter or follow you on some of your social network profiles.

How to evaluate if a content is of quality?

Creating quality content on your site is also a way to improve search engine rankings, increase traffic and get visibility. Google suffers from information obesity and not in all cases “content is king“. For a content to be good it needs to be:

  • Original and with personality.
  • Relevant, useful and easy to share.
  • It must have a specific purpose.
  • It has to be written for a target audience.

Other factors such as the use of keywords, link numbers, etc., will also be present. But I don’t want to focus on it, I want you to see the importance of attracting quality traffic.

Assessing what content is like and whether it really is of quality is quite subjective. In fact, Google is not the one who decides that. Your own readers will appreciate whether it’s quality or not. For some it will be very useful content, for others it will be irrelevant content. For this reason it is very important that you define what is the objective of your post and to which target audience it is directed. That target audience will be in charge of assessing whether what you have published is of quality or not.

4 keys to create an exquisite content: do you inspire, inform, entertain or teach?

The 4 Keys To Create Good Content. Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain (Part I)To create exquisite content you have to know the audience you are writing for and you literally have to put yourself in their shoes. It’s no good talking about everyday topics that we know everyone likes but doesn’t convert.

Quality traffic is what will come with quality content. We can write from there a post that inspires, that informs, that entertains or teaches but above all you will have to have clear which are the topics that respond to the needs and interests of your audience.

Inspire: Connect with the hearts of the strongest

Many brands have been able to create content that inspires people, motivates them to push their limits and ultimately encourages them to become better people.

The first example that comes to mind is Coca-Cola, which inspires millions of people to have fun and get moving.

Storytelling takes centre stage in the content they inspire. There is always a story behind it that helps to connect with the emotions of the people who are reading it.

Those readers, visitors or potential customers, whatever you want to call them, feel totally in tune with the brand and want to be part of the conversation. We are usually talking about a post that has a high probability of being viralized.

The types of content they inspire could be personal stories, brand stories or a case study. They don’t have to be directly focused on life or something emotional or personal.

But there is something very true about this type of content. From time to time, leaving the comfort zone, asking yourself a few questions and telling what comes out of it and sharing it can give you more than a pleasant surprise.

That’s how I experienced it the day I decided to tell you why I decided to be a copywriter and undertake on the net.

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