Practical Ways on How to Find Top Trending Hashtags

When it comes to social media, exposure is everything. People go on social media to show others what they have.

Practical Ways on How to Find Top Trending Hashtags

They want to show their business, talents, beauty, etc. They do this so that they can gain popularity for personal enjoyment or business purposes.

If you want to go far on social media, you should make the most of hashtags. Hashtags are powerful tools. They link conversations and posts about a particular topic into a single stream so that they can have more exposure.

Marketers often use hashtags in their campaigns to increase their exposure and impact. So, when you use a hashtag, the chances of other people finding your content increases.

In fact, you can reach people beyond your followers.

But how can you really know which hashtags are vastly popular among users? Well, here are some tips to help you out:

On Twitter, Check Out the Left Side of your Dashboard

Hashtags were first popularized by Twitter. If you are using this platform, take note that only the top 10 trending hashtags are shown.

You can look at the ones that are tailored to certain users. These are generally based on who they follow and where they are.

If you want to engage a particular type of audience, you can change your location.

Use Third-party Apps

You can use third party apps to see more trending hashtags on social media. For example, you can try Brand24, Tagboard, and Trendsmap.

These are social media monitoring tools that collect online mentions of pre-defined keywords and key phrases. They also display analytics.

Check out ‘Explore’ on Instagram

Hashtags are often used to describe photos on Instagram. If you want to look at photos that are similar to yours, you can go to the Explore tab. Here, you will find other users who have the same interests as you.

Research Niche Keywords

Businesses, brands, and social media influencers typically use niche keywords for their hashtags. They generally depend on the type of business or industry the users are in.

Search for the Top Posts

Practical Ways on How to Find Top Trending Hashtags

The most talked about and frequently viewed posts typically feature trending hashtags. So, you should find out what posts these are and where they are tagged from.

Chances are, you will find more trending hashtags on such pages. Top posts are usually featured on Twitter and Instagram.

Watch Trending Videos on YouTube

If you are on YouTube, simply go to the ‘trending’ section. Here, you will find a list of videos that received the most views in the recent weeks. However, these trending videos can depend on your country or location.

Stay Updated on Current Events

The latest gossip, news reports, scientific discoveries, and other trending events are often discussed on social media.

So, if you look for their articles or videos online, you will be able to use the hashtags applied to them.

You can search for recent news on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

You can also check your news feed on Facebook or search for pages that upload trending content.

More prospective customers or clients can learn about your business when they see your posts on social media. Hence, it is crucial to use the right hashtags.

As much as possible, you should not use too many hashtags on your posts. You should also be specific. When used the right way, these hashtags can surely boost your popularity and significance on the Internet.