Key Digital Marketing Concepts For Beginner Influencers

New to digital marketing? If so, I’ll let you know several points to get started and understand this world.

Key Digital Marketing Concepts For Beginner Influencers

There are countless terms and concepts in digital marketing. Some of them have special relevance when planning and implementing a good strategy.

Every good marketing team should start by analyzing the business, brand or company to know what its situation is. It is what is known as SWOT, an acronym that comes from the union of the initials of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This evaluation serves to detect the strengths and weaknesses that the brand has inside and out and is the most recommendable starting point for any marketing action or strategy.

Another essential element that we must understand is the engagement or link that is created between a user and the brand. All brands that have implemented a good Inbound Marketing strategy will be able to increase the engagement of their customers online.

However, the difficult thing is not only to create the link, but to maintain it, since, in digital matters, the trends, as well as the Internet users change very quickly.

Once we manage to establish a solid and lasting link, we must continue with the work of listening, through formulas and logarithms, and analyze each step, word or interest of our audience. This will enable us to increase sales and, above all, ensure a high repurchase rate.

I have just mentioned it and it is the third necessary element that I would like to highlight. It is Inbound Marketing. This concept refers to a group of strategies whose main objective is to increase visits to a website to obtain leads and is based on three pillars: SEO positioning, content marketing and social media marketing.

Key Digital Marketing Concepts For Beginner Influencers

This type of marketing along with others such as Up Selling or Cross Marketing can respond to the navigation needs of users and Internet users, adapt the design of the Web to their tastes and thus increase sales.

To be able to successfully carry out these strategies it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the navigation data and the digital behavior of the users.

To do this, we must correctly define the keywords or search keywords. With them we can segment the contents and speed up the identification of searches when displaying one ad or another.

A correct and complete labeling will also have a positive impact on the optimization of searches or what is known as SEO (Search Optimization Engine), when we talk about content, or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) if we refer to advertising.

Search optimization is achieved by applying a set of techniques consisting of giving visibility to a website or ads in search engines, so that it is positioned as best as possible according to a series of keywords. At this point, therefore, it is necessary to work hand in hand with the team of developers and Web designers of the brand.

Along with these elements, we have fundamental tools such as Google Ads or AdWords. Google’s self-manageable platform based on pay-per-click advertising. With it, we can position the brand’s ads favorably in the number one search engine worldwide, be able to measure live the impact and conversions of those ads and take corrective measures to correct errors immediately.

Key Digital Marketing Concepts For Beginner Influencers

Another concept that has emerged from the digital technology boom is Influencer.

It is a social network user with an above-average ability to influence the target audience and is therefore interesting for the brand as an ambassador.

Influencers marketing strategies can be made, in which it is necessary to bear in mind that the brand values coincide with the personal values transmitted by the influencer.

In addition, we must also always pay attention to the community of influencer and see the engagement that it has, and that it is real.

If a good strategy is made, this type of marketing can increase the engagement of the brand’s social networks, effectively reach the desired audience, as well as build trust and brand credibility.

In fact, there are digital tools that allow us to analyze the quality of the audience of networks of bloggers, influencers or opinion leaders such as HypeAuditor or Influencer Marketing Hub, among others.

In addition to taking these concepts into account, the marketing team must manage terms to refer to all metrics involved in the results of advertising tactics, such as ROI.

It is the index that measures the benefit against the expense of an investment made in a digital marketing campaign. It also highlights the click rate or CTR, which we can extract by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

These are just some of the tools and knowledge necessary to avoid mistakes in digital marketing. However, we must consider that a key element for a successful execution is undoubtedly to have a prepared and multidisciplinary team.