Instagram will Launch a Stories Donation Sticker for Fundraisers

Hello there! I’m happy to write today about this, it is a good news for those lovers of Instagram Stories. Let’s find out a little about this new feature.

To follow in its older sibling’s footsteps, Instagram will be adding a donation feature similar to Facebook’s fundraising tool to the platform this year.

At Facebook’s Communities Summit earlier this month, the company briefly mentioned that Instagram Fundraiser stickers are in the works, but already after combing through the Android app’s code, TechCrunch’s Ishan Agarwal found information “detailing how users will be able to search for nonprofits or browse collections of suggested charities and ones they follow.”

Following this discovery, reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong was able to produce images of what the donation stickers and non-profit search engine could look like on the app:

According to Wong, the Donation sticker allows Instagram users to raise funds for their favourite non-profits. Basically, when you use the sticker, you’ll be able to add a non-profit organisation to your Story so that others can make donations through your Story.

TechCrunch also reported that the testing of this feature is actually confirmed by the company itself and will probably be officially introduced into the app within this year. The company believes that this will create awareness for communities and causes and also bring users closer to each other.

The plan was uncovered on Monday, February 18 by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong and later confirmed by Instagram. A screenshot posted online by the researcher shows a donation sticker alongside other stickers already familiar to users who create or view Stories on the popular photo-sharing app.

The feature works by letting users search for a nonprofit before incorporating it into their Story. From there, viewers of the Story could, if they wished, tap on the included donate button to contribute to the cause.

Instagram will Launch a Stories Donation Sticker for Fundraisers

“Over the past few years, Instagram has been experimenting with what payments would look like on the platform, but it has so far only released test features to allow select users to book spa appointments and restaurant reservations,” The Verge reported.

In 2018, Instagram also introduced a shoppable sticker that allows users to shop for items shown in Stories. On Wednesday, Instagram also confirmed the bug and informed via Twitter that the company is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Instagram have more than a billion users, half of them are using Stories on a regular basis. The popularity of Facebook-owned photo-messaging app is increasing day by day because of the stories feature as users are enjoying a lot by uploading their stories.

News of Instagram’s donations sticker follows the introduction of its shoppable sticker in September 2018 that lets users shop for items shown in Stories.

The popularity of Stories, which lets users create and share a collection of photos and videos across a single day, has prompted the company to focus on adding new elements to it, which up to now have included a share option, bulk uploads, music stickers, question stickers, and a type mode, among others.

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