Instagram And Its Algorithm In 2020

It is very rare for social network owners to express themselves about the development of their algorithm. Lets see some Q&A about Instagram And Its Algorithm In 2020.

Instagram And Its Algorithm In 2020

So when I read that Instagram answered questions from account creators about Instagram’s algorithm, I immediately wrote this note to let all our readers know.

With that, several rumors fall that we read in blog notes, but that don’t have any real support. Let’s see the most relevant questions and answers from that session.

Instagram And Its Algorithm In 2020

How often is the Instagram algorithm updated?

The algorithm is based on Machine Learning, meaning that it learns about the flow of content in Instagram every day. It is constantly improved and based on new data.

Does an Instagram business account have more impact and visibility than a personal account?

No, let’s not favor business account postings over personal accounts. But if a user interacts more with your content, they are more likely to appear at the top of your wall.

Does Instagram’s algorithm favor videos over photos?

No, the algorithm does not privilege videos over photos. But if a user has a tendency to see more videos than photos, it will be reflected in their content. More videos than photos will be proposed.

We have heard that “pods” (groups of people who agree to post likes and comments to content from members of that group) can help a post have more visibility. Is this true?

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Authenticity and transparency are two essential elements to create a lasting engagement in Instagram. Attempting to bypass the system may be beneficial in the short term, but it is not the long-term solution.

In addition, because the classification of content in the flow is based on Machine Learning, it constantly adapts itself to new data. Thus, it can recognize a non-authentic activity and make adjustments.

Why doesn’t Instagram return to a chronological flow as before?

Since we moved to a classification of content by user relevance and not by chronology. Now 50% more people see the publications.

Instagram algorithm privileges posts that get the most likes or comments during the first 30 minutes after posting. Is this rumor true?

This is false.

One rumor is that, Instagram, do not consider a comment if it is less than 3 words long.

This is not true. The most important metrics for better Instagram ranking are: comments, shares, likes, and views.

How can I get my Instagram account verified?

Instagram And Its Algorithm In 2020

Verified accounts that get certified (the Blue Dove) are accounts of celebrities or world-renowned brands that may have usurpation problems.

We verify accounts to make sure our users can easily find the people and brands they are looking for.